A Little Heads Up

There's a lot going on the next two months, here is a little heads up on the what and how, astrologically speaking ūüôā Of course if your looking for further insight for navigating you can check out The Vibe or make a booking and come in for a Consultation. ¬†In the mean time check these … Continue reading A Little Heads Up

Feelin’ Good

In the transition from February to March, there is an air paranoia and this can shake to the surface a feeling of not being 'allowed' to relax and enjoy rewards. ¬†On that note and to have us all feeling good, I decided to share some thoughts. ¬† Here are my top 10 for Grab Your … Continue reading Feelin’ Good

International Women’s!

I would say International Women's Day, but honestly I don't feel that's enough. ¬† International Women's are brave, courageous, gracious, loving, gentle, intelligent, clever, awake, generous, funny, adorable, strong and worthy. ¬†Worthy is in direct response to the amount of lame and lazy aspects of our cultures and societies that have a heavy direction of … Continue reading International Women’s!

Happenings @ RB888

Here are a few snaps of what I've been up to so far this year. ¬†I checked out the Mind, Body, Spirit festival, found cool tarot cards, had a visitor for Oroki in the office, they decided to share bici's. ¬†I also had the pleasure of listening to Kate Hudson speak and the opportunity to … Continue reading Happenings @ RB888

March Vibe 2018

The Vibe for March 2018 is around ACTION... Check out our new video below, to help and support you navigating March.  Capitalise on the creative energy from February. Remember to subscribe.  See you for next months Vibe.  R. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2DhRqg9UL8 Ruby Brown 888

Body Mind Spirit.

Saturday afternoon I got to check out this years Mind, Body, Spirit Festival. ¬†It was busy, a lot of people sitting in on lectures, demonstrations and learning how to eat and look after their nutrition. ¬†I got to catch up with friends who were exhibiting, great to see their success. ¬†There were fantastic crystals, books, … Continue reading Body Mind Spirit.

Totem Animal Elephant

The Elephant Hi Everyone! This is the second part of the totem animal series, with The Elephant being on the agenda. We're going to take a look at the ancient wisdom of ¬†The Elephant across various cultures.   The Elephant in Africa The Elephant is regarded as a symbol of strength and power in African … Continue reading Totem Animal Elephant