A Militarised Movement.

The juxtaposition of a Militarised perspective and a Diversified perspective, creates a lot of dramatic tension, as the tug of war pulls on all levels of our idiosyncratic persons, we venture into a world of might is right, dismissing options that are even a degree outside of dictated norm's.  Here is the design that as … Continue reading A Militarised Movement.

Let Me Check My Itinerariummmm

Make healing part of your May. Cultivate your self worth and merge it with the spirit of flourite.  This equals clearer thinking, purpose, clarity and getting past the chatter in meditation.  As well as reducing negative energy from the auric field.  Add all this to the beautiful healing skills of Ruby Brown and your body, … Continue reading Let Me Check My Itinerariummmm

Get Better.

Getting better at being you, achieving your goals, being present with your kids, to feel light and joyful, to bring in your vitality, to relax and have some pampering.  Adding focus and balance in the body can support all of these aspects.   Bring more balance and joy to your life with a Recompose Healing.  Support … Continue reading Get Better.

Refresh In May

Ready to refresh, have your mind calm and clear? Then its time for your booking with Ruby.  Gentle healing in a beautiful space in Brisbane.  Come, relax, revive and Recompose. Make your booking, HERE Enjoy composure as you walk into winter. Ruby Brown 888 Atelier Ruby Brown 888

Celebrate Me?

  Is there a room in your soul that kicks in with the acidic and cynical?  Is there a default position of pain? hate? sheer terror? Does it seep in even when your working your ass of to walk, run and jump away from more of the same that is not satisfying, has you achieving … Continue reading Celebrate Me?

In Search Of Safe Exit.

In the last little while, there have been several Clients, who have been in need of a safe exit.  Over the course of my career, I have had many Clients who asked about relationships, family life, danger and how to exit.  Recently there have been some Clients looking to find safety,  escape violence, build a … Continue reading In Search Of Safe Exit.