Thanks, This Was Our 2017

With absolute gratitude, Thanks for a splendid and engaging year.  To my beautiful Clients, your support means the world and makes the work easy.  I truly look forward to seeing, laughing and working with you all again next year.  Here's to 2017. Big Love Ruby xx.

Distract Me Not.

Finding a sweet spot when your in transition, is a little difficult, however, if you can learn to see the distractions for what they are, a little clarity comes into view.  Keep in mind you are cultivating new terms and a new landscape, slow down enough to catch sight of what resonates and head towards … Continue reading Distract Me Not.

Up With The Sun

My heart warms with the early morning sun.  Taking in of the day serves me and adds to my experiences.  Remaining calm I navigate with self respect, appreciation of beauty and gratitude. As I breath in, my body is light and joyful.  As I breath out, I release gently with love for my body to … Continue reading Up With The Sun

Breath In Pause Exhale Out

When looking out at the vista, it is helpful to lie ones head to the side and watch the wave.  Notice the Amber, hear a wave roll it closer and step your feet onto something cooling.  The grass, bare feet, on the tiles, flex your toes and take a deep breath.  Open the palm of … Continue reading Breath In Pause Exhale Out

Thursday Night, Fun Night…

  Very excited to announce that this Thursday 30 March, I will be celebrating the new collection for Camilla at Marie Claire's Up Late Event at James St Brisbane.   I have been to this event as a guest for the last couple of years. So grateful to announce that I will be part of … Continue reading Thursday Night, Fun Night…

Recompose Me…

Have you decided you want to have a Recompose Healing. Have you made your booking? Time is running out for this month, here's your link... Recompose Healing with Ruby Brown 888

Feeling Great in Your Body

Want to feel more comfortable in your body?  Would you like to feel lighthearted?  Are you willing to give your self 40 minutes of care and healing to have more of both of the above? On March 31 / 2017, Ruby Brown 888 has a day of healing appointments, to book yours use this link...Recompose … Continue reading Feeling Great in Your Body