Decision Making 101.

Have trouble making decisions?  Feel flustered and put on the spot when plans change? Procrastinate your middle name?  Can you make a decision and follow through? When its down to making a decision, how well do you know yourself?  Do you understand when you get flustered, what flusters you, who?  Is there a lack of … Continue reading Decision Making 101.

Thanks, This Was Our 2017

With absolute gratitude, Thanks for a splendid and engaging year.  To my beautiful Clients, your support means the world and makes the work easy.  I truly look forward to seeing, laughing and working with you all again next year.  Here's to 2017. Big Love Ruby xx.

A Little Talk.

If we imagine all of us at our best, flag flying, paid up member of U doing U.  I always smile, relaxed at the thought of everyone being calm and happy with a little excitement at how good it feels.  Here at RB888, part of our goal is to support our Clients to be extraordinary … Continue reading A Little Talk.