A Militarised Movement.

The juxtaposition of a Militarised perspective and a Diversified perspective, creates a lot of dramatic tension, as the tug of war pulls on all levels of our idiosyncratic persons, we venture into a world of might is right, dismissing options that are even a degree outside of dictated norm's.  Here is the design that as … Continue reading A Militarised Movement.

Vogelhaus French Chic…

A beautiful afternoon, last month, listening to the talented Jane Webster discussing her journey and new book 'French House Chic'.  Sharing her adventure of moving the family to France, not speaking French and the differences in lifestyle.  Her new book is an insight into private homes room by room, breaking down the aesthetic that is … Continue reading Vogelhaus French Chic…

Water Quality… Take a Look.

Each year I have the water filters for my sink drinking water tap and shower changed out and usually take a couple of photos to show the difference.  This year is the same and again it reminds me of the importance of what we put into our systems, eco and ourselves.  Staying hydrated is key … Continue reading Water Quality… Take a Look.

Get Better.

Getting better at being you, achieving your goals, being present with your kids, to feel light and joyful, to bring in your vitality, to relax and have some pampering.  Adding focus and balance in the body can support all of these aspects.   Bring more balance and joy to your life with a Recompose Healing.  Support … Continue reading Get Better.

Up With The Sun

My heart warms with the early morning sun.  Taking in of the day serves me and adds to my experiences.  Remaining calm I navigate with self respect, appreciation of beauty and gratitude. As I breath in, my body is light and joyful.  As I breath out, I release gently with love for my body to … Continue reading Up With The Sun

Open The Door To You…

Come on in, we welcome you to the Recompose Healing. Open the door to the optimised you.  That's it 🙂  Feeling Better! We welcome you to your Recompose Healing - April 2017. Ruby Brown 888

Love Flows.

This month we Recompose with the Vibe of Love Flows. As we walk into autumn, it is a great comfort to have a Recompose Healing.  The grounding benefits support a healthy immune system, a calm perspective to broaden your ability to handle stress and easily prioritise, as well as adding buoyant feelings for you to step … Continue reading Love Flows.