Let Me Check My Itinerariummmm

Make healing part of your May. Cultivate your self worth and merge it with the spirit of flourite.  This equals clearer thinking, purpose, clarity and getting past the chatter in meditation.  As well as reducing negative energy from the auric field.  Add all this to the beautiful healing skills of Ruby Brown and your body, … Continue reading Let Me Check My Itinerariummmm

Get Better.

Getting better at being you, achieving your goals, being present with your kids, to feel light and joyful, to bring in your vitality, to relax and have some pampering.  Adding focus and balance in the body can support all of these aspects.   Bring more balance and joy to your life with a Recompose Healing.  Support … Continue reading Get Better.

Up With The Sun

My heart warms with the early morning sun.  Taking in of the day serves me and adds to my experiences.  Remaining calm I navigate with self respect, appreciation of beauty and gratitude. As I breath in, my body is light and joyful.  As I breath out, I release gently with love for my body to … Continue reading Up With The Sun

Breath In Pause Exhale Out

When looking out at the vista, it is helpful to lie ones head to the side and watch the wave.  Notice the Amber, hear a wave roll it closer and step your feet onto something cooling.  The grass, bare feet, on the tiles, flex your toes and take a deep breath.  Open the palm of … Continue reading Breath In Pause Exhale Out

Refresh In May

Ready to refresh, have your mind calm and clear? Then its time for your booking with Ruby.  Gentle healing in a beautiful space in Brisbane.  Come, relax, revive and Recompose. Make your booking, HERE Enjoy composure as you walk into winter. Ruby Brown 888 Atelier Ruby Brown 888