Thanks, This Was Our 2017

With absolute gratitude, Thanks for a splendid and engaging year.  To my beautiful Clients, your support means the world and makes the work easy.  I truly look forward to seeing, laughing and working with you all again next year.  Here's to 2017. Big Love Ruby xx.

A Militarised Movement.

The juxtaposition of a Militarised perspective and a Diversified perspective, creates a lot of dramatic tension, as the tug of war pulls on all levels of our idiosyncratic persons, we venture into a world of might is right, dismissing options that are even a degree outside of dictated norm's.  Here is the design that as … Continue reading A Militarised Movement.

The Art of Distillation.

The art of distillation, can get a negative wrap.  A lot of people see it as boring.  In my understanding it is the essence of a place, time or thing.  For example essential oils are the essence of plants, in a clear form for use to support the body, mind and spirit.  If your looking … Continue reading The Art of Distillation.

Shop In Our Atelier.

As we have now launched our shop [atelier] and new site, we invite you to check out some of our latest offerings.   We have original art works, prints and dates for Recompose Healing sessions.   As we grow we will be adding movies, books, products and items that resonate with our ethos of healing … Continue reading Shop In Our Atelier.

Insta RB888

Have you checked out our instagram, its where Ruby shares her inspiration and insight for you to navigate with ease, keeps you in the inner circle of whats happening, her how to's for things like charging crystals, latest art behind the scenes and much more.  We would love to connect on instagram.  Click any of the … Continue reading Insta RB888

Up With The Sun

My heart warms with the early morning sun.  Taking in of the day serves me and adds to my experiences.  Remaining calm I navigate with self respect, appreciation of beauty and gratitude. As I breath in, my body is light and joyful.  As I breath out, I release gently with love for my body to … Continue reading Up With The Sun

Breath In Pause Exhale Out

When looking out at the vista, it is helpful to lie ones head to the side and watch the wave.  Notice the Amber, hear a wave roll it closer and step your feet onto something cooling.  The grass, bare feet, on the tiles, flex your toes and take a deep breath.  Open the palm of … Continue reading Breath In Pause Exhale Out