Totem Animal – Otter

northern pacific sea otter.

The Otter

Today, in part five of the totem animal series, we will be talking about the otter.  The energy of the Otter and the effect this energy can have on your life is significant.  Let’s take a look at how the Otter as a totem animal might relate to you. 

The Energy of the Otter

The Otter can affect our life in such a positive way.  Here are the various ways the otter energy can be translated into our own lives. 

Playfulness and Creativity 

The Otter is a totem animal with a vibe of playfulness and creativity.  In essence, the otter is like that child within us all – full of inspiration, curiosity, and joy.  Utilising this aspect of the Otter can result in bringing out playful natures, by aiding in easily taking care of mundane matters, so that ones time can be fully enjoyed.  Also, this playfulness and creativity can replenish the spirit, so that a deep love for life is experienced, invoking happiness and the ability to deal with life’s heavy encounters in a more lighthearted way. 


This particular aspect of the Otter provides a good way for finding a way to walk out of grief.  When recovering from addiction, surgery, trauma, or emotional upheaval, call on otter energy for aid. 

Resourcefulness and Inventiveness

The Otter also has qualities of resourcefulness and inventiveness, relating back to that creative child-like quality.  This particular quality also aids invoking the ability to deal with life’s heavy encounters by enabling us to find creative solutions to the problems encountered. 

Going with the Flow 

The Otter is a cross between an earth and water totem animal.  This is significant because of the relationship of the Otter to rivers.  Otters live in rivers, and this symbolises going with the natural ebb and flow of life.  This way of being allows us to find joy and wonder in the small things that give us pleasure as an adult and also in the things that gave us pleasure as a child.  In this way, the energy is not only invoking this power of flow and flexibility, but also of uniting our child self with our wiser side. 

Female Energy

Otter energy invokes Yin (feminine energy), enabling anyone to become more aware of their Yin nature.  This can relate to creativity and flow, as well as nurturing, stillness, consideration and internal aspects. In this way balance can be achieved between the yin and yang aspects through the invocation of the yin. 


Overall, the Otter can be used as a totem animal to invoke creativity, inventiveness, joy, and Yin states. Invoking Otter energy can help us look at life in a different way and become more positive in our daily experiences. 

Let us know in the comments which of the five totem animals we have spoken about so far relate most to you. 

Ruby Brown 888

Written by Luca Troise. 




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