Cards For The Week.

On our RB888 Instagram we have been sharing our Cards for the Week, this is a quick go to for a beat on the week.  Each morning I pull some cards and use them as my meditation for the day.  They are my go to for interpreting the day and any issues.  It helps me see the reason and how it matches the purpose… allowing me to get out of my own way and make the most of what I’m working on.  Our Vibe each month is a larger version of this.  It’s handy if your not into transcendental meditation, it’s a guide to support befriending you with your higher self.  When something comes up, refer back to the post, or the image and incorporate that into your interpretation.  Step forward from here. 

Meditation does not need to be stuffy, formal or literal, it can be adapted to suit your nature and routine.  Card of the Week is your go to here.  

Stay tuned, like and subscribe as we will be adding meditations for free to our Youtube soon. Keep in touch. R x. 

Ruby Brown 888

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