International Women’s!

I would say International Women’s Day, but honestly I don’t feel that’s enough.  

International Women’s are brave, courageous, gracious, loving, gentle, intelligent, clever, awake, generous, funny, adorable, strong and worthy.  Worthy is in direct response to the amount of lame and lazy aspects of our cultures and societies that have a heavy direction of diminishment, hatred and fear, for the souls of women.  Our social norms that accumulate within each woman, that force her to alter her behaviour, have her doubt and blame herself, have her edit and over analyse while placing another as her authority, these as we recognise are just a few, but today I want to convey to my Ladies, that while all this goes on, it is your grace that I admire and cultivate on emulating.

We understand the mental, physical and emotional fatigue that being a woman in our cultures serves, I would ask that in your core you readily remind yourself that the only definition you live by is your own, truly your own.  Trust in this measure and from here we can arrive at a place and time when the conversation is not a diplomatic tip of the hat, rather a fervent and passionate mindset that adds to the truth of what and who women are.  Resilient, smart, pro-active and articulate is a means to bolster your inner self to step out into any day, from any circumstance, no longer willing to place our awareness second.  This awareness saves our lives and those of others.  Every day!

Some of our Australian International Women’s include Jenny Kee, designer; Del Kathryn Barton, artist; Vali Myers, artist; Deborah Mailman, actress; Kate Ceberano, musician and singer; Edith Cowan, first woman elected to Australian parliament; Dame Nellie Melba, operatic singer; Fanny Cochrine Smith, Tasmanian Aboriginal Linguist, the only ever recorded on wax cylinder; Dame Jean McNamara, doctor and scientist; Maude ‘Lores’ Bonney, aviator; Dame Enid Lyons, first woman to hold a seat in the Australian federal cabinet; Ita Buttrose, author and journalist; Cathy Freeman, Aboriginal Athlete; Quentin Bryce, first female Governor-General of Australia; Julia Gillard, first female Prime Minister of Australia and Miles Franklin, author of My Brilliant Career.  These are but a few of our amazing representatives who have achieved.  

On this International Women’s Day I encourage us to step into our future.

I have added a link below to sign a petition for #axethetaxperiod.  Remember to use the email link to complete your signature of the petition.  Congratulations to the beauty of the work of Share The Dignity.  

Share The Dignity – #axethetaxperiod

Share The Dignity

Here are some of our Amazing International Women’s.



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