Happenings @ RB888

Here are a few snaps of what I’ve been up to so far this year.  I checked out the Mind, Body, Spirit festival, found cool tarot cards, had a visitor for Oroki in the office, they decided to share bici’s.  I also had the pleasure of listening to Kate Hudson speak and the opportunity to read ‘Brave’ by Rose McGowan.  I love her courage and honesty.  Finishing reading the ‘Rainmaker’ gave me a chance to extend a couple of lunch hours 😉 as well as meeting lovely new people and celebrating the launch of The Positive Human Movement.  

So far 2018 is a bundle of fun, laughter and beautiful people.  As for what’s happening within RB888 we have our Saturday Mobius workshop, be sure to bring a notebook. There are Recompose Healing’s, a great way to dust off your soul, ground and reinvigorate.  Of course we also have Ruby Tuesdays in full swing, it’s a great deal, a half hour call with a saving of $40.  You can check the available dates here.

What’s Happening @ RB888

Some of you will know we also have art in the Atelier , along with our signature essential oil blends.  

Remember to stay in touch by subscribing, signing up for email, checking out our instagram, or hit up the website for all our social links.  If your liking Luca’s blog posts and Youtube work, leave a comment, he’d love to hear from you.

Be sure and have a listen to this months Vibe, now up on Ruby Brown 888 on Youtube.  It will support you navigating this month with ease.  R.

Ruby Brown 888

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