Body Mind Spirit.

zenSaturday afternoon I got to check out this years Mind, Body, Spirit Festival.  It was busy, a lot of people sitting in on lectures, demonstrations and learning how to eat and look after their nutrition.  I got to catch up with friends who were exhibiting, great to see their success.  There were fantastic crystals, books, candles as well as different types of healing.  All in all it was a great afternoon, with a lot of like minded souls.   I was delighted to find a couple of new tarot decks.  

I have decided to choose this weeks card from the Steampunk Tarot.  Our card for the week is 5 of Swords, A victory tinged with defeat.

5 Swords

For us this week it means… Consideration.  Look at what is going on with the victory, is the apparent cost true?  Will there be a high price later, that you are currently not addressing.  When negotiating, it is worth addressing the long term outcomes.  Does the current position allow best out come for you in the long term?  Is there manipulation happening?  Are you letting red flags slide?   Summing up, are you looking at the big picture, or just seeing immediate gratification?  Playing the longer term game may be in your best interest, but you may need to put down the shiny win of right now to ensure a better outcome, Mind, Body and Spirit.  Keep your eye across the immediate and long term picture.



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