Totem Animal Elephant

The Elephant

Hi Everyone! This is the second part of the totem animal series, with The Elephant being on the agenda.

We’re going to take a look at the ancient wisdom of  The Elephant across various cultures.


The Elephant in Africa

The Elephant is regarded as a symbol of strength and power in African cultures, however, it must be noted that this represents the strength to protect, rather than power through dominance. This originates from the fact that royals used to ride on elephants, and so power became associated with elephants in African culture. Also, African culture pairs the elephant with longevity, stamina, loyalty and family unity. 

They use the symbol of the animal for good luck, strength in facing challenges, and in invoking familial ties and protection. Calling on this energy in your every day life is a great way to improve the quality of your life and relationships. 

The Elephant in India

In the Indian culture, however, the elephant is much more significant. Lord Ganesha, one of the most popular Indian deities, also known as the Lord of Wisdom, has an elephant head. This elephant head is used to symbolise awakening ancient wisdom and intellect. Elephant symbols and Lord Ganesha in Indian culture can be used for aid in memory, learning, study, and any intellectual achievements. 

The focus of the elephant on family extends beyond immediate family and into the past and future generations. In this sense, the idea is of a collective subconscious memory of ancestors in elephants. In tribes, the symbol of the elephant would be used to challenge members to protect the weak and young in the tribe, elders loving and showing harmony to look after each other, and assistance from all and for all regardless of the danger. 

Using the Elephant Totem Animal in Everyday Life

Using the symbol of various totem animals can invoke the energies related to that totem animal, if you have the knowledge of what the totem animal encapsulates. Here are some ways you can utilise the symbol in your everyday life. 

In Feng Shui, elephants are believed to bring good luck, protection, wisdom, and fertility. Each of these aspects can be shown through different forms of the elephant.

For protection, two elephants are placed at the entrance of a house or office. For fertility and protection, elephants must have their trunks down. For good luck and prosperity, elephants must have their trunk up.

rainbow elephant

Elephants are also associated with compassion when demonstrating strength, and as such invoke sensitivity and understanding. 

If you use the symbol of the elephant in your house or workspace let us know in the comments below. 

What other totem animals would you like to read about?

Let us know in the comments and we will include it in this series. 😁

Ruby Brown 888

Written by Luca Troise. 


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