Totem Animal – Owl

owl face

The Owl

Hi Everyone!  A new series is beginning!  WOOOOO! 

This is a series on animals, and in particular, the myths and magic of why and how we honour them. We will also be including tips on how to engage and invoke these animal energies for support in our modern day to day lives.

The Owl in Various Cultures 

There is a common theme across these cultures of protection with regards to the owl. For example, in Italy, Romans used the owl as a symbol and amulet against the Evil Eye, and the Ancient Chinese used owl ornaments for protection, especially against fires in homes. 

The Indian culture also acknowledges the magic of owls. An Indian myth of the War of the Owls and Crows links the owl to the moon and the spiritual world. The Owl’s struggle against the Crow was for humanity to acknowledge that there is a hidden world that needs to be explored – a world best glimpsed in the moonlight. 

Other examples of owls in various cultures include Indians using feathers in pillows to lull the restless to sleep, Israeli beliefs about the grey owl being a good omen when near crops, as well as sightings of cave wall carvings of owls in France. 

The Owl and Every Day Life 

The owl is invoked to aid with navigating in dark times where things are unseen and unknown.

Having excellent eye sight and almost 360 degree perspective, the owl is good for looking at multiple angles. On top of this, owl energy can help in every day life through:

  • Aiding in seeing obstacles and opportunities.
  • Aiding in matching skill and talent to situational demands.

Also, there is an association of the owl with the spiritual. The owl’s sight allows it to see into the spiritual world, and so, the owl teaches us to discern the truth and face what we find.

The Owl and the Spiritual World

Owl and Athena

green eyed owl

The Owl is the Goddess Athena’s sacred animal because the Greeks saw it’s ability to see in the dark to represent wisdom and watchfulness. Athena is a Goddess of wisdom, which makes the owl her perfect companion. The Owl was said to reveal unseen truths to Athena as only it was capable of seeing everything. Also, it is said that the owl enabled Athena to speak the full truth as opposed to the half truth.

Another interesting, and less known fact about this relationship, is that Athena was called by the Greeks, “The goddess with the bright eyes”, and the owl’s eyes are distinctively shiny, and so it reflects Athena’s “cold stare of knowledge”.

The Owl and Spiritual Powers

The Owl’s immense wisdom gives it the precious ability to bring knowledge of the hidden world to magic workers, shamans, and witches. It is said that those who honour the Moon Goddess and her Owl companion are granted magic.

If you have seen an owl, placing an owl feather under your pillow is said to give the owl access to your dreams. The owl shares insight by showing you parts of the hidden world through moonlight visions.


Invocation Meditation

Feather of silence, eye with a hood,

I will reclaim the night’s power for good,

Through shadow and blackness, that I might see;

Owl spirit, come reside in me.

What other totem animals would you like to read about?

Let us know in the comments and we will include it in this series. 😁

Ruby Brown 888

Written by Luca Troise. 


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