The Unwind

oracle mermaidHeading into the weekend, the rush of entering the creative energy of February, creates an opportunity to unwind.

As this month is a buzz of creative energy it will pay to take the time to ground, unfurl and refuel for the week ahead.  Where possible spend some time by large bodies of water.  Time at the beach, in the rain, by a lake and soaking in a bath will add to rejuvenation and feeling fresh rather than overrun as we navigate February.

For some quick insight into February, check out our short video with the February Vibe.

The old adage of ‘let go and let God’ serves here as a reminder that the Universal powers and laws can take care of the how’s, while we attune to cohesive goals and positive movement towards our success.  

Have a great weekend and Mermaid.  R.

Ruby Brown 888
















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