Decision Making 101.

Have trouble making decisions?  Feel flustered and put on the spot when plans change?

Procrastinate your middle name?  Can you make a decision and follow through?

ayn rand quoteWhen its down to making a decision, how well do you know yourself?  Do you understand when you get flustered, what flusters you, who?  Is there a lack of recognition of your value and worth?  Does your confusion clarify to create a clear path to decision making?

On the surface there are facets of decision making that end up in easy clear cut decisions. Knowledge is a large part of this, where you are, where you want to be, willingness to change and commit.

Let’s talk about breaking it down.  Starting with you and decisions for you, it does pay to get good advice and input, but after this, when the decision is your responsibility you are in the position of trying to work out which way and how.  Firstly, weed out the advice that is based in jealousy, fear, control and conditioning.  From here take stock of advice that is left, what is wise counsel?  Where is some common sense, practicality and information that you can follow in a logical sense.  How does your intuition respond here?  Remove what does not resonate with intuition.  It is the spirit talking with you, a tool of value when the noise from external people and forces is gaining momentum.  

From this point, stop ticking on what others will think, I understand it’s tempting, but when you remind yourself of the outcome and imagine living with it day to day, fulfilling your decision it ultimately will extend procrastination and most likely you will still have to deal with the outcomes of your decisions on your own, the buck for will stop with you.  If you find yourself in the position of having let the voices of others be an influence over your own it can lead to resentment, or speaking negatively internally about the other factors you ignored, how your position would be different if you hadn’t let it slide, hindsight adds good weight to decisions and can also raise red alerts .  Now stop, sleep on it, have a cup of tea, soak in a bath, walk around the block, play with the dog, take a deep breath.

At this point it is good to recheck what your willing to do, willing to action, actually be present and responsible for.  If your clear here it can be a good point to make the decision you are happy and willing to stick to.  If you have some lingering doubts, dig deeper into your self.  Find a space where you can drop all other distractions and look within.  Search and ask yourself for the truth, listen to your response.making-a-decision-isnt-the-hard-part-its-living-with-5663280 Being honest at this point is critical, you don’t need to share this with anyone. Know your real thoughts and feelings, know something of yourself.  Then you are able to make a decision you can stick to.

We get stuck when we are not real about who we are.  A key to decision making is including your knowledge of self.


Another point of note, is accountability. Accountable is defined as subject to the obligation to report, explain or justify something; responsible; answerable.  Capable of being explained; explicable; explainable.  There are the obvious places where this applies, in a job, with your family and children.  However there are also places in relation to making decisions.  To cultivate decision making, accountability calls on your inner metal, as there is an element of the unknown in outcomes, consider the risk involved.  This is where many get stuck, unable to move into decisions.  Having an understanding of what is at risk, whether you are willing to let the cards fall where they may, is an important part of decisions.  Utilise your hindsight and your intuitive feelings to judge if the cards falling will be within your range of willing risk.

A last note, keep in mind that for wherever you are, with what information you have and are able to gather as you decide, you will make the best decision you can.  Each time will add to your tools and ability to make better decisions.  Keep working on building trust with yourself and go from there.

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