Women In Grace


Women in grace are beautiful birds, especially when they fly.  

What happens to our women when they are perpetrated against in a society of ego, bullying and ownership?  For many its devastation, trying to resolve how an atrocity, a lie or a hit came from nowhere.  Everything slows down and while they recover physically, emotion is another saga.  Bit by bit and minute by minute, slowly and hopefully becoming days of surviving.  Although it certainly doesn’t feel like it at the time.  It’s a walk through a bomb site after the blast, flashbacks, sudden memory bursts and seeing them in another light, closer to a truth that you will think is some how your fault.   That somehow meant you were lacking.  It’s not real.  There is a moment when you are stable and able enough where you can pick there, there is the moment I should have turned right not left.  But that does not make it your fault.  For the information you had and the experience that turning right had been before, it felt okay.  

As you stagger out through your perception of the ambush event, you then are fronted with the opinions, biases and judgements of others.  There are the people who have not experienced such an event, or are the perpetrators of someone else’s event.  That is when you realise what lies really are.  When you understand that the lie is safety.  It like so many other facets of our lives is not real.  Change is our constant and the real key to survival is in befriending shift.  Transition can become your companion and will serve in ways you cannot imagine.  This is what makes you and your world secure.  

You will be called on to be incredibly brave, to speak your truth when others decry your version, your blame and your motives before and after.  If you can find the space within to allow this transition to unravel and rebuild you, your shield bears the word Survivor.

Being a Survivor, comes with a balance.  It can mean you are strong and weak at the same time, the world becomes a place where you can now see more than one thing true at the same time, you deepen in resolve, knowledge of self, compassion and grace.  All of which add to your beauty and skill as a bird of the sky.  

As a Survivor you will also, again take to the sky.  Feeling more, seeing more and when you choose enjoying more.  My words to you are this.

‘Forgiveness is not for the other, it is for you.  When its time, do your checks and balances, if you feel you must.  Then release it as you can.  Each step that walks you away from your ambush, is for your heart to find stillness and self care.  Trust your judgment, but don’t wallow.  Listen to yourself.  Find the space, time and place for it to serve you’.

As we walk into next year, I personally wish all of you safe passage, compassion, bravery and peace within.  R.

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