Annual Forecast via RB888 2018 Year Of The Earth Dog

dog 2018



Years for Dogs include… 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018.

Positive aspects of the Dog are; magnanimous, courageous, noble, loyal, devoted, attentive, selfless, faithful, modest, altruistic, prosperous, philosophical, respectable, discreet, dutiful, lucid, intelligent.  In the less positive are; disquiet, guarded, introverted, defensive, critical, pessimistic, forbidding, cynical, stubborn and moralizing.

Auspicious colours for 2018 are red, green and purple.  Flowers are rose and cymbidium orchids.  Numbers are 3, 4, 9 and directions of NE, E, S are auspicious.

A large component of the year will be around how we know ourselves, the opportunities we are working towards and on, as well as how this relates to how we are known.  

In light of this, culinary minds may enjoy cinnamon, kelp, pepper, spirulina, citrus and stone fruit and watermelon.  Other health tips for 2018 include; gentle detox with green tea, chamomile tea, honey dew melon, capsicum, sweet green chillis [not hot], granny smith apples, pink lady apples, pears, snow peas even choko.  Some of you may want a picture with that.  You have to wait for my recipe book for my favourites.  Herbs like ginger, tumeric [heat before eating], parsley, oregano, lemon zest and aniseed.

Industry for the Earth Dog 2018 include; Police, Politician, Interior Designer, Scientist, Professor, Priest, Nurse, Clerk and Judge.  Famous Dog’s are the likes of Elvis, Bill Clinton, Justin Bieber, Mother Teresa, Madonna and Churchill.

Inclusively speaking as we step into 2018, there is an overall theme of moving forward, in line with what is right.  As a people, there are many more of us awake and consciously engaging in having a safe and positive community, for us right now as well as for the generations to follow.  There is a large group of us now wanting to be able to pass the torch having made progress in stability, sustainability, respect for nature and to be able to not just pass on a mess to be cleaned up by whoever comes after and whoever can summon the courage.  We want to pass on a flourishing foundation for health and prosperity.  However to do this, we have some work to continue, some neighbours to assist in waking and some to heal.  Sharing our stories is going to be the torchlight for the next 6-8 years, this will include adapting the language as we move forward to show that it is possible to heal and to move into thriving, as individuals and as a community.

This balance that we work to right, will leave some invigorated and others will have fatigue to navigate.  Turning towards a more natural and simplified lifestyle will support all here.  The more you can be aligned with this the better.  This will also feed our communication and clarity.  We will rely more and more on our own centre for protection, understanding and release the desire to be lead, in some instances blindly and begin the real transition into our modernisation.  This is the true deconstruction of known securities.  What was is definitely is no longer.


Governance and Finance.

Takes a turn building on the events we have seen in the end of 2017.  Britain clashes with the Middle East as it ventures into sharing  its opinions with the assumption that it still holds its old glory.  China ceases to be a small player in the minds of a global mindset that has been in play since the last official dynasty,   the Qing dynasty ending in 1912.  This community has had a long preparation and can work together with much more cohesion than many others.  It also has a much longer future in its eye.  

The U.S, Russia and North Korea, continue to play  absurd violent games to prove who is the biggest kid in the yard, as part of the deconstruction of an old guard.  Russia will have more moments of truth in declaring more tidbits of the hidden realities that governments have been using and for how long, with great detail.  This will also be an attempt to save grace and the illusion of power.  These three are in line for the largest chunk of dismantling, while the assumption of the peoples support is nowhere to be seen.  Putin may not be a shoe in for the next election, however manipulation on a large scale is not over yet.  There will be 1 or 2 real contenders from the oligarchs that will gain support keeping us on our toes.  

Australia comes more to its senses in a coming of age with the addressing of being happy as a part of South East Asia, and recognising our true place in the scheme of things.  This will adjust our U.S. alliances, impacting trade and giving birth to new industry and manufacturing here.  Uzbekistan will be a major stake holder in new alliances with its neighbours in efforts to rebuild and create supply for its workforce, complimenting with local trade with specific interest around textiles, gold and copper.  This will be further highlighted with a gold shortage in the market as borders and positions are drawn.  The great new spark of Bitcoin, will be in flux as larger entities with vested interests will use more egregious tactics to falsify the market.  Though at this point it will do little to stop the change in perception of new currency, as well as the introduction of other peer to peer finance systems.  This is beginning now with some of the larger banks working on peer to peer systems, however the impact they are hoping for of a take over of this sector is highly unlikely to succeed.  It will be the deconstruction of the mindset; if we can’t take it over, we’ll destroy and destabilise its credibility.  The balance is already moving.

Tunisia will also come into the spotlight with creative resolution for production and market placement particularly with textiles.  Art and Culture will also grow.  South America will have major upheaval with crime and violent crime within its borders and desperation will create large disruption incidents.  Outcry’s for assistance will be heard and add to the change of global currency and trade.  Terms will shift.



Be gracious as you enter the age that includes the nurturer and truth of the Wise Woman.  More of the right action and words to match are the part of this movement.  Although it is also a call to balance for Men and Women.  It is a reckoning of the balance for the legacy we pass down to our children and communities.  We will navigate the landscape of inclusion, honesty and recognition of value.    

This also encompasses how we relate and this includes our inner dialogue, as in how do we relate to ourselves?  Does your conditioning dominate and leave you feeling at the mercy of all?  Does the negative and disparaging voice continue even when you are operating as though it is silent?  Do your outer relationships mirror aspects within? Delving in here is a very pertinent part of the coming year, how are we treating ourselves and others?  As a being of energy, are you creating a bearing of playfulness and curiosity?  Our relationships in the coming year will challenge the notion of how you operate within and without in regards to your stories and the stories of others.

Jealousy, envy and resentment will come spilling into the fray for your consideration, to bring a centre of truth.  Prepare to be revealed.  This is a liberation of the soul and magic of all of us.  Timing will not be your call, treatment of the situations will determine the acceptance or calling out you receive.  Growing in grace is the longer agenda in the year of the Earth Dog, getting or being grounded is the play book.  Consider what you are putting out to the world at large and understand to the core of your being that it will return in kind.  Compassion will be a challenge to get to and resentment will foster a perception that its to hard, to mean and uncaring.  I urge you to continue forward, be gentle, be brave and take each moment with as much kindness and composure as you can muster.  Try to, in the moment, listen and pause your reaction, breath and allow your response.


Career / Vocation.

Remember to count your blessings.  Fulfilment of contracts and terms will go back to an understanding of being the ‘norm’.    Adaption is also the name of this game, this includes the balancing of smaller business with conglomerates and corporations.  People will be looking to go local and national with a clearer understanding of what this means for the community and how it bolsters not only the economy but also the morale of neighbourhoods.  More care will be taken to build relationships as the awareness shifts from churn and burn to long standing relationships.


Home and Familia.

Communication is key as is being present.  Excuses will be called out as just that and don’t ask if your not willing to here yes or no.  Hypocrisy will be the villain and age will not save you.  Consider… Your ideal scenario and take the time to walk towards it as you hold hands and support each other to individual and group goals.  More conversation, more listening.  Gatherings and appreciation of precious time come to bear as we navigate what we value, how to appreciate it and the sharing of each other with care, love and the respect of equals.

The component of release is well served by decluttering in 2018.  Remember to place items at the door so you action removing them to find a new home or give them as donations.  Shelters often need items for people in their care.



Grow, build, include is the motto here.   The bigger picture is at play, consider a plan that after it covers what you want/desire, enables paying it forward and the benefits of others that you may not see or receive credit for directly.  Let it out to flow forward and encompass others, grow the love base in your community, actively.  Keep in your mindfulness that any fear or anxiety over how will it help me is an old pattern.  Actively cultivate the mindset that if your neighbours are better accepted, cared for, supported, then as a part of the community so are you.  It may not be you today who needs support, but as for tomorrow or another you care for directly, to know these aspects are continuing to grow and flourish is a calming and soothing acceptance.  It bodes well for all of us.  As Oprah says, ‘I come as one, but I stand as 10 000’.



Activities that ground and relax while adding to fitness are of use particularly as stamina and fatigue will be at an all time high.  Issues of the heart, small intestine, eyes and kidneys will play a large part.  Blood health and cleansing as well as sexual health will be a large constituent for our communal well being.  

The call of better care starts with the self to create and maintain a reserve for the overflow to be shared with others.  This applies with health, our first wealth.  Think of a vegetable garden, healthy, thriving, when we eat from this our bodies responds in kind.  If there is abundance, when we have more than is needed, there is comfortable enough to share and they can respond in kind in the body and in return to you.  It is a cycle that keeps giving.  Health for 2018 is about continuing a cycle that keeps giving.

When eating or choosing foods, consider will this keep giving?  It is not enough to fill the body, we need to fuel.  The cleaner the fuel, the cleaner and better quality the energy.  There fore aspects to add in your lifestyle are seasonal eating, clean water, much less artificial and over processed food sources.  Raw food is also an addition to be increased. Generally speaking 80% of our diets serve us when raw.  Food portions are also a consideration, as is listening to the body and hearing what it is asking for.  This is a support for detox, repair and longevity.

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I would also add, as fatigue is a factor next year, find your self a good practitioner, be it massage, acupuncture or healer.  They will intrinsically add to your efforts and help build a better you, more present body, mind and spirit.  Please also remember the wisdom of rest and disconnection to regain your sense of self.  2018 is also the contemplation and engagement of your holistic approach to health, the question is how do you care for your self.  Start here and incorporate better care of you each day, be it food, relaxation, fitness and rest. 


General Acknowledgments.

2018 is about how we befriend ourselves and others, the differences in how we live, express ourselves and how we accept.  Our love base.  Whether it is free flowing or stilted and in a state of imbalance, the outcomes this creates and how we navigate and survive them.  Our differences are not going away, they are growing and this is a cornerstone for our year of the Earth Dog.  

I urge you not give up or give in.  Deepen your awareness, your understanding and your acceptance of those not like yourself.  Because in the long run, this is actually what makes us all alike.  Change is our only real constant, even as individuals we evolve, circumstances pivot us around who we think we are, who we project ourselves to be, its all a story.  Next year engages and challenges us directly around this.  Acknowledge that when I discuss these aspects I don’t see them as negative or necessarily as easy, I see them as opportunities.  

Opportunities to connect with co creative change, to embrace the joy of who we truly are, separate and together, its all the same.  The ability to thrive and own who we are, to activate success, contentment, pleasure and peace in our bearing is and always has been to go through.  There is no need for avoidance, step forward and address where and what you are.  Ownership is the way to thriving, those in the 1% already know this.  

As always I wish you every health, happiness and prosperity for 2018.  Should you desire being present and pro active, make a booking.  We support our Clients to thrive into success.  

Much love, R x. 

Ruby Brown 888

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