A Militarised Movement.


The juxtaposition of a Militarised perspective and a Diversified perspective, creates a lot of dramatic tension, as the tug of war pulls on all levels of our idiosyncratic persons, we venture into a world of might is right, dismissing options that are even a degree outside of dictated norm’s.  Here is the design that as citizens we try to exist, grow, teach care and love in and this is before we get a chance to share a wide variety of information to build a diversified view.  Then we are to magically thrive… to feed and fuel a militarised movement.  Like all things both have a place, but today I refer to extreme imbalance and the disproportion of agony this can leave our communities left to deal with, as we are blustered from all conventions into taking on as the immediate and only truth.

This parlance, is now embedded into our news cycles, our entrepreneurship, our slang, and our sense of bearing.  Overall to forge the agenda of being right.  To be successful, takes planning, energy, information, mis-information, and an agreed definition of success.  However as we are born of spirit [energy] the ‘norm’ is actually unknown, due to the fact that being is itself the statement of what the norm for this energy or spirit [personality] is.  For the perfect fit [personality], there would require a commonality that is identical within each.  There is no such  commonality.  We are individual, snowflakes and we alter each and every day, therefore I propose that as such, diversity is part of our ‘norm’ and to ignore this is to our peril.  

When we force out this element be it in a society, a country, a family, a wardrobe… we are left in a state of obscurity.  If we then add multiples of these, there is danger for our selves and then others.  Not only do we not always handle changes, the unknown or direct adverse responses, in a militarised environment, we are connected into the retaliation reaction.  There is very little room for response.  We are directed by authority that no response is even required.  This is the extreme at work.  All perspectives can have purpose and positive results when in balance.  Unfortunately today we are again not at this point in the cycle.  

For us, both perspectives in extreme have some things in common, we stop listening, we become autocratic, convincing ourselves and others that violence is an appropriate action to gain an upper hand.  Trauma.  We forget what the centre holds, that allows working solutions and adjustment as we move forward.  Even an appreciation for the tradition and innovation both positions offer.  Breathing space, beauty, compassion and literacy of compatible negotiation.  Accord.  

When decisions and options of action are determined by dogma, blind subjugation, lack of truth and education and force, it’s already a lose, lose environment.  How then I hear you question, are we to change, engage or make a difference.  Here are my top 5 for just that.

Ruby ‘s Top 5 For Best Of Both…

  1. Understand the actual goal of both parties.
  2. Cultivate an environment of esteem, for yourself and for others.
  3. Be willing.
  4. Be and stay grounded.
  5. Be honest with respect.

If your interested in a reprieve consider how much it means to you, how would it add to your environment, sense of self, ability to share and grow with others?  Consider, take the time for real assessment, simplify and engage.  Best of out comes for you. R.

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