Part 4 Of The Change Your Mindset and Your Life Series

Hi!! This is part 4 of the Change Your Mindset and Your life series.  If you haven’t read parts 1, 2, and 3, then hit the link below, otherwise enjoy the article! 

Part 1

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The previous posts in this series spoke about how you can change your life in whatever way you seek, simply by changing your mindset.  While this is true, there is one key aspect that hasn’t been spoken about. In fact, while getting the mindset right to achieve your goals may result in a more positive and happier you, those goals can only be achieved with an added second element.


Effort is an easy word to use, and many people use it to describe the work required to do difficult or unwanted tasks.

But this isn’t effort.  No – effort is when you focus your entire mind and body’s power into a passion.  It is when your whole being is immersed in a project of some sort.

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This kind of effort requires focus, and a solid mindset, which is why the previous steps are also extremely important.  Without effort, achieving your goals becomes difficult, but on the other hand, without having a solid and positively geared mindset, the same is true.  This can be a double edged sword. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to develop both your mindset and your ability to put in effort.

But how can you put in the full effort that I am speaking about?  How can you immerse your entire self into focusing on a project or goal?

Here are two of the many possible ways to do this:

1. You must find your passion.

How can you hope to immerse yourself into a project and give everything you’ve got if you don’t enjoy it?  Scratch that.  It has to be more than an enjoyment.  You have to LOVE doing it.  You have to love it so much that it becomes an obsession.  But a healthy obsession.  If you don’t love it this much, then you either need to find your true calling or fall in love with your goal.

2. Feel the emotion!

Emotions influence us human beings dramatically, and this has been proven time and time again in the field of psychology.  In the developing your mindset posts, there was a lot of talk about visualisation and it’s power.  Well, I want to go back to this just for a second.  When you visualise, you must get to the point where you are visualising your goal being achieved so strongly that you can feel the emotions that you would feel if it really were being achieved.  Once you feel these intense emotions, you’ll believe in your ability to achieve your goal, because you’ll have already felt what it is like to achieve your goals!  As mentioned in the previous posts, due to Neuroplasticity, visualisation changes your brain as similarly as actually doing whatever it is you are visualising. When you believe in your ability to achieve your goals, you’ll want to put in all the effort and immerse yourself because you know you will achieve your goals. This is the point you must reach.

Ruby Brown is here to help you develop your ability to put in your full effort in your own, unique way, and achieve all of your goals.

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This concludes the Change Your Mindset and Your Life series, I hope you enjoyed it!  A comment below would be much appreciated. Have a great day 😀

Written By Luca Troise. 

Ruby Brown 888

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