What Is It To Recompose?

recompose healing pic

To Recompose is to relax, call in your energy and to heal.  In a nutshell.   Out of the nutshell it a recalibration of your energy, diminishing the push of keeping up for example, with pressure and targets for work, working with the public, keeping up with children, navigating trauma and also for feeling your vitality and comprehending trauma, ill health and labour.

This session is non-intrusive, very gentle and takes around 45 minutes, and when required follow care steps are included.  You can be any age and it’s suitable for pregnancy.  These sessions are usually done on a Friday for the ease of clients to have the weekend to enjoy the benefits of Recompose.  However other days and times are available, please use the contact form on our website to discuss options, the link is below.

Ruby Brown 888 Contact Form

Our Clients have also experienced release of emotional pain, feeling in centre, improved sleep, decreased stress, improved recovery and vitality, improved digestion, ease in communication, decreased impulse drive and more core aligned decisions.

I had a wonderful session with Ruby Brown this Friday that has just passed. I knew the instant I met her that I was safe and could trust her, she really helped to bring out the negative vibes toxins that had been stuck in my body, incredible crystal healing and someone who can balance the deep and the serious with fun and laughter which for this experience really made an impact and I think that is really important.After the session I felt no fear, no hurt, ready to be in the world again, to really be alive and to just love as the armour of force I know I can. I feel at home again. Ruby is amazing beyond incredible! I do plan to get a coffee with her when I get back from America. Also my partner is interesting in meeting her and maybe having a healing session sometime as well. I literally could go on and on, I am just hugely inspired by this woman, I see her as a inspirational figure in my life, and if you need to get your energy right/people/places/spaces Make sure you message Ruby!!! – Liana, 2017.

Take some time and visit our website, drop us a line, make a booking and most of all enjoy. R.

Ruby Brown 888

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