Vogelhaus French Chic…

A beautiful afternoon, last month, listening to the talented Jane Webster discussing her journey and new book ‘French House Chic’.  Sharing her adventure of moving the family to France, not speaking French and the differences in lifestyle.  Her new book is an insight into private homes room by room, breaking down the aesthetic that is French House Chic.  Currently splitting time between France and Victoria, Australia, she also runs her chateau bookings for visitors to stay and enjoy her French Table.  Delightful recipe books with beautiful pictures are also available.   Humble and honest it was a joy to be in her company.  Yesterday’s launch was hosted by Vogelhaus, a sanctuary of delights for the mind, soul and home.  Here are a couple of candid shots from Jane’s talk.

Totally in love with the orange couch by the way, could not stop the feels.  The book is gorgeous with beautiful pics and is a joy to read.  Cheers to talent, tenacity and gorgeousness of Jane, Elisa and Graeme.  R.

Ruby Brown 888

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