FOCUS – The Biggest Key to Your BEST Life

This is Part 2.  of the Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life series.  I hope you enjoy and find some value from one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt in my nineteen years of life. 

Focus is something that can change EVERYTHING.  The difference between a life full of beauty and extravagance and one of burning buildings and regret could be the single result of focus.

It sounds crazy.  It sounds impossible.  That your life – so perfect – or imperfect – could be completely influenced by something we can describe by using one word – focus.  But I assure you, it has the power to change everything.



I would like to speak about two aspects of focus.

ASPECT #1 – The Law of Attraction.


This law states that when you consistently put out a thought into the universe, the universe will paint your life with pictures that resemble that thought.  To understand it, think of us as all being radios, and as the universe being a radio tower.  As we consistently think a thought, we are effectively sending out a ‘radio signal’ to the radio tower.  The radio tower then transmits the frequency of our signal, and sends events to you which resonate with the same frequency you sent out. In other words, the thoughts you focus on result in the life those thoughts are centred around.

Consider the following example: “My boss is so annoying. I can’t handle him…”

When you consistently think this thought, you send it out into the universe.  The universe then sends back situations that resonate with this frequency of thought.  You will find yourself attracting more situations that annoy you and more situations that you can’t handle.  At the least, it is beneficial for us all to consider the message behind this law.

It is our consistent thoughts which shape our life. Change your thoughts, and you can effectively change your entire life.

Sometimes it may be difficult to understand where to start in changing your thoughts. These are the three steps I use for success in utilising the law of attraction: 

  1. I begin to monitor my thoughts during the week.  What thoughts am I having on a consistent basis?
  2. I then group these thoughts into “good” thoughts or “bad” thoughts.  The good thoughts are those which make you feel good and the bad thoughts are those which make you feel bad.  Simple.
  3. I then focus on repeating those good thoughts as much as possible, and shaving down the bad thoughts.

Consistently focus on the good thoughts. 

Ruby Brown 888 is here to support you to thrive in this process of using focus to change your life and move it in the direction you wish.

ASPECT #2 – Spreading- Out Focus v.s. Laser-Beam Focus.

We all have goals that are important to us – goals that are essential in bringing us closer to that beautiful and extravagant life.  Utilising focus is absolutely essential to the achievement of goals.  There are two main ways one can use focus when achieving goals.

1. Spreading out focus across one’s goals.  As an example, consider someone whose goals are to write a novel, complete a full marathon, lower their body fat percentage to 10%, and start a business.  Using spread out focus, they will attempt to complete each goal at once, resulting in using only a portion of their full mental and physical capacity and focus.  This extends the time to achieve goals, and it may feel like no progress is being made. 


2. Laser-beam focus is completely different.  Using the same example above, the person using laser-beam focus would only attempt to achieve two goals at once.  This means they will remove distraction and use larger portions of their energy for success, allowing us to see progress quicker, adding motivation to achieve even more goals, living the life of their dreams, and creating a well rounded lifestyle with success, balance and happiness in 7 sectors.

Focus on only a few of your goals, and you will see the massive difference it can make to progress and to your life.

Live the extravagant life you know you deserve.  Peace. 

Written by Luca Troise.

Ruby Brown 888.


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