A Chat With The Outstanding Emma Thompson

https://youtu.be/XV_W6kPqR9U Found this great interview today, love Emma Thompson, have been a huge fan for years. Please take the time to consider what she manages to address eloquently.  R x.

FOCUS – The Biggest Key to Your BEST Life

This is Part 2.  of the Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life series.  I hope you enjoy and find some value from one of the most important lessons I've learnt in my nineteen years of life. 

Water Quality… Take a Look.

Each year I have the water filters for my sink drinking water tap and shower changed out and usually take a couple of photos to show the difference.  This year is the same and again it reminds me of the importance of what we put into our systems, eco and ourselves.  Staying hydrated is key … Continue reading Water Quality… Take a Look.