The Ease Out of Hating Exercise.

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I hate exercise.  Simple as that.  I have always been active and its due to this.

I love movement! The feeling of switching off my mind and turning on my physical being is delicious.  It revives, calms, soothes and shares clarity.  Of course there are the science and well known results, endorphins, grounding, metabolic equalizing, stress management etc.  One thing it always works on for me is self care and love aspects.  How this translates is listed out below, my goals at the beginning are as follows; to create regularity of nourishing and gentle foods as I have allergies; flexibility; back alignment; vitality; and improved sleep; emotional iq; stamina; strength.  

I enjoy a lot of different types of movement like, swimming, running, bike riding, yoga, and dance.  Oh and always walking, always.  Tools I use include a resistance band, small weights, yoga mat, boosters, and a large fit ball.  I also subscribe to an online group for different routines.  This is so I can enjoy movement no matter where I am and no matter the space or equipment or lack of.  Consider what will work for you.

Here Are 10 Tips to Help You Move and Embrace Your Love.

  1. Real time. I do 30 minutes on average every other day.  This ranges from 20-40 minutes, depending on my schedule.  
  2. Make it doable, if you feel tired, do some not none.  
  3. If your starting again or working with restriction, do the moves you can.  If your able to walk just go around the house or around the block.  
  4. Stop listening to everyone, make time to hear your body and what movement it will enjoy.  This for me is swimming 🙂
  5. If you need props for stability, support for injury or fragility, use them.
  6. Step away from being stringent or mean with your self.  To truly make it enjoyable and a continued practise, be kind and patient with yourself.
  7. Include your loves with it… as in walk the dog, share it with the kids, they are going to be your cheer squad.  With a partner it can be a form of pillow talk, or a time to be together enjoying the intimacy of silence.
  8. Understand it won’t be the same each time.  
  9. Start.
  10. Utilise what you have.  Its does not have to be fancy, the goal is enjoyment.  The more you smile or laugh while moving the better.

It’s a beautiful weekend, step  into it with your first wealth, Your Health!  From here everything can progress.   R x.

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