A Little Talk.


If we imagine all of us at our best, flag flying, paid up member of U doing U.  I always smile, relaxed at the thought of everyone being calm and happy with a little excitement at how good it feels.  Here at RB888, part of our goal is to support our Clients to be extraordinary in the service of their gifts.  

Individuality is the commodity for expression out of archetypes.  Take a moment here… classical definitions of archetype are as follows:

  • a very typical example of a certain person or thing.  
  • an original that has been imitated.
  • a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art or mythology.
  • in Jungian psychology… a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors, and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious.

I say out of archetypes, because this is astrologically where we are going.  More creativity, more expression, more articulation.  When we look at what an archetype is, the key words that pop out are, imitation, very typical, recurrent, primitive mental image inherited and collective unconscious.  All of these while upholding beautiful tradition also carry an inheritance of negative connotation.  Consider if you will The Trumpster, his goal is to be the biggest, the best, the only one at the top of the heap, while without question giving us the inheritance of a privileged white man who is never questioned regarding the totality of his judgement, who disconnects and confuses the individual and their beliefs, for them to be over written with his agenda; a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors, and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious.  This very position is his call to being an individual.  This is what he is doing when declaring he is top of the heap, not necessarily part of the heap.  When a person declares their independence in individuality, they declare themselves apart, not necessarily to be alone, but to express their truth, their freedom.  Therefore The Trumpster, is giving himself the individual expression and freedom, as his actions declare that no one else has the right to this.  I understand this balance in action and see his presence on the political landscape as the tipping point for many truths to come to light, not from his mouth, rather, in the awakening his election to this position is causing on both sides.  To his credit he is being the public persona consistently.  However, in his passive aggressive and immature perspective, the staggering display of crushing individuality truly denies its value and declaration of growing globally.  While his supporters appear to want a leader that will allow them to sleep at the wheel, it is important to understand that it pulls the majority of us together causing a global congregation making a very powerful declaration for individuality and having its flag flying high.  Developing our individual self to withstand the shouts, jostles and narcissism that comes, without taking it personally.  This we all need, including the Trumpster, as at his centre is a being who takes it all personally, therefore justifying position and behaviour.  

The video below is an invitation to delve a little deeper, without any jeopardy, into looking at and understanding the enormous value of discernment, the beauty of U doing U and the pure value of the fact that we are not all alike.  To celebrate U is also to celebrate others, because in the spirit of balance, it is truly recognising that we are all different, individual and in this light I am very happy to declare that unequivocally I am different to The Trumpster, and this allows me to see through my marvellous mind that Trump is being of service, although I would venture to say it may not be; like his communications, exactly what it looks like.

Please take a moment and listen to the gorgeously articulate Caroline McHugh.


Namaste R.

Ruby Brown 888

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