Restructuring Your Brain for Success

It is possible to restructure your brain for success?  Before we talk about this process, let’s define success.  Success, in the context of this post, is any goal that one has.

To live a happy life.

To make a million dollars.

To become the greatest athlete of all time.

To change the world.

Whatever it is, it is possible. It may not be possible in your current state. But if you can just manage to change your mind, even just slightly, the odds may tip in your favour.

But how can you do that?  How can you change your current mindset?  How can you literally and physically restructure your brain?  It is achieved through the process known as Neuroplasticity.


Neuroplasticity is the process of rewiring your brain, as what we think about we bring about.

Pascual-Leone conducted an experiment which demonstrates the power of Neuroplasticity.   Short and simple, he gathered two groups of people. In the first group practicing piano was for a designated time per day, while the second group visualised practicing for the designated time per day – that is, they imagined practicing.

Leone found that the brains of those who practiced had physical changes in their brain related to the areas that were associated with playing.  This was to be expected. However, the group who only imagined practicing also had the same level of growth in those parts of the brain.  Why is this important?

Because it shows exactly how you can restructure your brain!  Do you ever wonder why the people who achieve their goals turn the impossible into the possible?  It’s because they use their thoughts to change their brain!  They purposefully create a mindset which will help them positively move toward their goals, in turn, physically changing their minds and their lives.

To become successful, these are the first two steps of many that you can follow.

1. Redefining Rock Bottom – Changing Your Perspective. 

Everyone sees “rock bottom” as the point where you have nothing – a point to avoid – a problem.  But becoming comfortable with discomfort is not a point to avoid.  Change your perspective so that you view rock bottom as an optimum point where you are aware that you can change, so that it can then become an opportunity as a positive step towards your future.  RB888 is here for bookings to help you change your perspective and lead you into your brightest future.

The book “Who says you can’t?  You do” explains this using the following concept.  Imagine life as a straight line. In the middle of the line, is rock bottom.  You must continue moving on the line – and hence move beyond rock bottom.  Instead of this point being rock bottom, it is better to see it as the point of awareness.  As rock bottom is the point where you first become aware that you absolutely need to change something and that your position is not desirable.  It is only then that you will take action.  Hence, rock bottom can be a prerequisite to action. If you require help in taking action, please visit our site to make a booking at Ruby Brown 888.

2. Visualisation – Neuroplasticity (NP)

Assuming that your goal is to be less judgemental towards people.  Of course, execution is essential.   To support this outcome, you must get the mindset aspect right first, because it is this part which enables you to be the person you want to be to achieve being less judgemental.  To begin, you visualise your goal being achieved.  You imagine feeling the emotions you would feel if it were to happen.  You see it all – your actions, people’s reactions, your feelings, the before and after – everything. And soon enough, you become the confident, happy person that you imagine yourself to be during visualisation.  Why? Because, as the piano experiment proved, there is little difference between physically doing something and visualising it.  

Do not fear rock bottom, but instead change your perspective to see it in a way that benefits the achievement of your goals.

Written by Luca Troise.

Ruby Brown 888

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