Purpose, the chase towards our Dreams.


Purpose.  Intangible and at times, inexplicable.  Yet, something that we can all understand.

How would you define purpose?  Do you know what your purpose is?  How can you take charge of your life and fulfil your purpose?

We are all born into this world and grow up, cultivating certain mindsets due to the things we experience, the things we watch online, and the way we react.

These mindsets, can sometimes move us closer towards our purpose – but at other times, they can drive us further away.  Within our mindsets, there can be conflicts between moving closer towards our purpose and feelings of being driven away from our purpose. How do we know whether these feelings of being driven away are true or not?  How do we steer clear from sabotage, from our mechanisms and thoughts that may be evolving and causing us to feel as though we are moving away from our purpose?

Are you questioning whether you actually have a purpose – whether there is some divine being who exists above all of us, giving us all reasons to exist? 

Well, that’s not the type of purpose I’m talking about.  I’m speaking about, the thing you know you have to do.  The one thing that you would do if no one was paying you, the thing that lights the fire within you.  That has you feeling alive and complete, at peace in that single moment in time – where you feel sure of the moment each and every time.  That thing that makes you feel alive and full – as if that single moment in time is the only moment that matters – the only moment you know.

Purpose, in fact, is not some ultimate reason to exist that we are given.  No, it couldn’t be further from the truth!  Because, just like happiness, wealth and beauty all come from within, so too does purpose.  Purpose is something you create – and yet something that is calling to you from within.  It is the drive within, giving comfort in times of distress, and it makes sense to you despite being sometimes unexplainable to others.  Purpose is the very heart of who you are, and at times, it is the measure for the things that you are not. Know that our life is about the experience of this connection and expanding it from within to create an outward expression, so that we may have the most amazing experiences in this life.

Purpose is something within us.  It is that feeling that we get – the feeling of being pulled so strongly towards something, that we immediately know it was meant for us.  Whether that purpose is innate or decided by us is irrelevant.  Because, it is undeniable that this purpose can make our lives the most amazing experience.

When you see that basketball shoot across the field and your stomach burns with passion – don’t continue to sit on the sidelines.  Follow your purpose.

When you watch the newly released episode of Suits on a Friday night with a beanbag behind your head and you watch Harvey Specter spectacularly close a deal with awe and excitement – stop watching.  Start doing. 

Explore where the call of your passion takes you.  Say no to giving up before you begin. Allow distractions to fall away, walk towards the calling!

How can you take action?

1. Finding your purpose.

If you had to do one thing every single day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Answer this question, and then build a life where you can work towards spending the majority of your days doing that one thing.

2. Once you have found your purpose, don’t give up.  Realise that it is the journey which counts.

Don’t give up on your purpose.  Don’t let others pull you away from it.  However, do not be fazed if you do not succeed.  Because it is not the goal – but the journey – that is significant.  It is the journey which shapes us into the people we need to become to live the lives we wish to live.  Many of the greats have said that they didn’t achieve their original goals, and yet they couldn’t be more happy.  Why is this?

It is because by following their dreams – their purpose – they transformed into the best version of themselves, enabling them to create the best life possible for themselves.  Finally, I would like to leave you with this though.

“You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.”(Jim Carrey)

Chase that idea – whatever it may be – and you’ll soon realise, that the chase has indeed been the purpose all along… the chase towards our dreams.

What have you got to lose, after all.

Written by Luca Troise. 


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