New Listings…

Hello Gems, I hope your Saturday is fabulous and relaxing all at the same time.  Due to some technicalities, we have moved our tickets exclusively to the website .  Our next round of listings for Mobius are now live and we invite you to book your ticket and come along to enjoy this introduction to Ruby and her work.  

As you may already be aware Ruby is a Clairvoyant and Feng Shui Consultant, working with People for Personal and Professional Development, as well as established Businesses and new Enterprises, creating harmonious dynamics for people and places, risk management, strategies and much more.  Mobius is an opportunity to add to your empowerment and bring it into the moment to serve.  

Take advantage of this opportunity to engage in discussion relating to where you are right now and where you are aiming to land, as Ruby will start with a topics of concern to open the discussion and then move into incorporating tips and where appropriate movement and breath work to develop and add to your empowerment.  Our new listings are here… Mobius Tickets .

Ruby Brown 888 

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