The Art of Distillation.

victorian chemistry set

The art of distillation, can get a negative wrap.  A lot of people see it as boring.  In my understanding it is the essence of a place, time or thing.  For example essential oils are the essence of plants, in a clear form for use to support the body, mind and spirit.  If your looking to distill, there are some points to consider…  What is your desired outcome?  Are you prepared to be playful?  Are you open to new information?

The beauty of distillation is the clarity it can provide.  Clarity in a time of much noise and the bombardment of chatter can consume your desire to step forward.  If your view is that distillation is boring, I would ask, is your project truly your passion?  Distillation can also aid alignment, supporting being in the right place at the right time, as well as gratitude and humility, showing you the next step, removal of distraction and supporting balance.  

Meditation can be a great way to distill.  The more regular the better and it can be done anywhere at any time, with a group or going solo.  Meditation can connect you to your true picture for you project or outcome, adding sophistication, patience and confidence. If your looking to walk to your success, find your right way to distill.


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