Stuck? Here’s My Top 10 for Productivity.


Trying to plan for your business? Wanting to write great copy?  Trying to keep yourself inspired and motivated?  But feel like it’s one step forward and two back?  Here are some of my top tips for staying connected and keeping your productivity up.

  1. Stop trying to force it.  Take a breath and let the tension go.
  2. Hydrate, we don’t problem solve at our best if we are under hydrated.
  3. Ditch the distractions.  This includes snacking on sugar and eating when your not actually hungry.  If you like to munch, make it healthy, keep your mood and thoughts lighter and more positive.  We are what we eat.
  4. Tidy up, create a clear environment for your thoughts to expand and be put into action.  This does not mean a full spring clean, if its paperwork, make a stack and set it back from your immediate space, put rubbish in the bin, remove faded flowers, water plants etc. 
  5. Flip your phone face down and put it on silent.  Give your thoughts a chance.
  6. Have inspiration around you.  This may be a vision board, colours like yellow and pink or just your favourite chair and a cup of tea.
  7. Change your posture, allow deep breathing and uncross your legs.  Have the body open.  I would add to keep your language as light as possible as well, this includes in your productivity as well as your internal chatter.
  8. Figure out if you are actually supposed to be doing this task, or is it better to delegate? Breaking tasks into smaller pieces can support your willingness to be productive.
  9. Step out of some of your routines.  This can be a small action that has great effect.  Allow the pressure to lessen.
  10. Get some sun.  Fill your body with good vibes, 10-15 minutes in the sun can elevate your mood and add to your creativity.  As simple as taking a call outside. 

Best to keep it light to give yourself a great chance at moving forward.  Even small steps add to your outcomes.  Keep your faith going, be your own cheer squad and don’t give up. 

Namaste. R.

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