Omm… Changing the Game… mmm


There is a difficulty right now, when facing the increasing ugliness that is running a rampage through us, to not scream back, to remain inline with the goal of making things better and kinder and having compassion, in the face of mean, threatening and irrational.  To change the game and to keep my footing, I am in the middle of a 30 day meditative practise.  

In support of each of us still engaging and it staying positive I am doing a 30 day meditation.  Meaning that for 30 days I listen to the same meditation, once and sometimes twice a day.  My goal is to reduce the full feeling I have, as I watch a lot of news, have kids and work.  I am healing an issue in my body so I am also doing a lot of physical rehab, its painful and it makes me grumpy, not loving that.  I’m calling in new things as well so this is also to support a clear vision.

Some of you may think this is a long period, but I have done 18 months before… so effective.  It added to my grace and it left me feeling peaceful, consistently.  At the moment I’m about half way, and firstly it’s adding to timing, reducing cravings, improving sleep none of which were my actual goal, they are the gravy of the practice. Love it!  For the goals, coming in is a fresh perspective, support for letting go of stories and an invigorated appreciation for time.  All adding to being in the moment.  Keeping it simple and feeling good, especially with physical rehab.  This part has increased my stamina and commitment to the process of working through the pain and yielding better results.

Here are some tips if your looking to get meditating 🙂

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Find what you like listening to.  Classical music, recorded meditation, the surf, birds etc.
  3. Do it where you can, I’m listening on the train.
  4. No pressure or stress about doing it.  If you do it once a week, that’s great!  If you want to add to that, find the right time.  Listen to it in your bedroom, before going to sleep, in the shower or bath.  Be creative, this should add joy, not pressure.
  5. Be comfortable, physically, pillows, water, a blanket.
  6. Include your kids, if you can’t find time without them, include them.
  7. Lighting, keep it warm and soft.  
  8. Have a think about what you want to receive from this.
  9. Include pets, my dog always knows when I am meditating and doing yoga.  He will come and sit with me, or climb as I try to keep my balance.
  10. Be open to joy, self love and feeling good.

Namaste R. xIMG_9780

















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