My Sisters and Brothers

Uluru Mermaid

I’ve just shared a couple of articles on my Facebook page, and I am in the middle of a morning where, my daughter has just had a bomb scare at school, an old friend has listened to my overspill as I am overwhelmed with information, feelings and navigating the complete annihilation of so many things that used to be sources of real information, respect and common sense, and also for many a door way to hope.  I started talking about the last 2 years just after the financial crisis spanning 2004 into 2008, for many moons I have been receiving information regarding events that were to follow, some of these have been included in my Annual Forecasts, and throughout I have been sharing articles that relate and confirm.  

Really I want to remind us, as we feel pushed to give up, that it looks to big to make it through, that part of our presence right now is to understand this is part of an awakening, an opportunity for us to see where we are genuinely meant to be applying our time, energy, skills and voice.  This is a time for all of us to refine and to get clarity for creating our day to day lives.  To remember that diversity is beautiful, we are amazing when we come from a place of sharing, taking some time and allowing.  As well as seeing that we will not be rescued, that we are here to rescue ourselves.  All else is fantasy.  Its pretty, it sparkles and it lulls us into a very dangerous sleep.  If your feeling rudely awakened its because that is exactly what it is.  You have been asleep.  However, it can be alright, it requires some work, you will be asked to engage and you may not get to choose when and how and you may have to silence the negative, from within.

I’m reminding you that nothing is permanent, cultivate your mindset accordingly. Recovery from illness, imbalance even in extreme, requires a light and awake mindset. From here you engage.  Determine what you can, where you can and skill up to navigate, stay woke, keep it real, look left and right, then step forward.  

Keep you in the loop. R.

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