Distract Me Not.

pink tree

Finding a sweet spot when your in transition, is a little difficult, however, if you can learn to see the distractions for what they are, a little clarity comes into view.  Keep in mind you are cultivating new terms and a new landscape, slow down enough to catch sight of what resonates and head towards it.

Yes, yes its all so easily said… blah, blah, blah, but wait, as always I ask have you tried it?  Have you committed and worked on the real distractions, are you saying no?  It is possible, it is tangible and you are worth it.  The world you are dreaming of is available, are you becoming the person your supposed to be to inhabit it?

Walk with me and watch it happen.  Have a great day today, observe, stay grounded and be clear.  R.

P.S. We have launched our luscious new website and atelier.  You can shop our signature blends, designed by Ruby specifically for the times we find ourselves in, and discover our services, how they apply as well as original art and prints, and contact options.  We are very excited to invite you to RubyBrown888.com .

Ruby’s Instagram

Ruby Brown 888

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