Breath In Pause Exhale Out


When looking out at the vista, it is helpful to lie ones head to the side and watch the wave.  Notice the Amber, hear a wave roll it closer and step your feet onto something cooling.  The grass, bare feet, on the tiles, flex your toes and take a deep breath.  Open the palm of the foot to the floor and lean forward as you exhale.  In hale, raise with a soft curl and as ready begin again.  Support the body where it is desired.  Move ever gently with the breath… in… pause… out.

This 10 minute routine is designed to be used at sun up and sun down, concentrating on the breath, at the rate where your body is today.  As you finish and begin to feel a little more comfortable in the body, accept that you are present and it will be okay.

Namaste Ruby.



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