Insta RB888

Have you checked out our instagram, its where Ruby shares her inspiration and insight for you to navigate with ease, keeps you in the inner circle of whats happening, her how to's for things like charging crystals, latest art behind the scenes and much more.  We would love to connect on instagram.  Click any of the … Continue reading Insta RB888

Full Moon Dates 2017

Sharing for those of you who like to know the  dates for the full moons for this year. Remember this reads new moon then full moon, the dates read backwards.  New moon is as the cycle begins and it is aligned with the sun and earth and therefore not visible.  Full moon is when the … Continue reading Full Moon Dates 2017

Amity Peeps

Really enjoyed and was inspired with the Amity crew last night.  Sharing their story so far and successful investment adventures, I was reminded that this app will change how we communicate by allowing more fluidity and in doing so will influence language beyond the hashtag.  Such grounded and humble people who love to share.  Happy … Continue reading Amity Peeps

Knock, Knock.

It's Ruby. Ruby Brown 888, we have your healing... Your Healing with Ruby Brown 888 Ruby Brown 888

Ur Wings.

Come and compose by having your wings dusted off. That's it, feel revitalised.  Your worth it...Golden in fact 🙂 Recompose with Ruby Brown 888 Ruby Brown 888

Recompose This Month.

Be the star you know you are! Bring back your sparkle and shine.  A quick 30-40 minute treat that has you feeling like stardust.  Come enjoy the luxury of healing. Luxe Composure with Ruby Brown 888 Healing. Ruby Brown 888

Let Me Check My Itinerariummmm

Make healing part of your May. Cultivate your self worth and merge it with the spirit of flourite.  This equals clearer thinking, purpose, clarity and getting past the chatter in meditation.  As well as reducing negative energy from the auric field.  Add all this to the beautiful healing skills of Ruby Brown and your body, … Continue reading Let Me Check My Itinerariummmm