Celebrate Me?



Is there a room in your soul that kicks in with the acidic and cynical?  Is there a default position of pain? hate? sheer terror? Does it seep in even when your working your ass of to walk, run and jump away from more of the same that is not satisfying, has you achieving in a stop start fashion, ending in compulsive collapsing and berating any who are on your path, including and especially you?  Has you almost caving to the inevitable space of giving up, letting go, believing its all cr*p… and still you are upset and frustrated because part of you recognises that the change, the shift and the things you desire are out there, picture hand outstretched.  Slowly you try to re build your self and start again, with another little piece silently yelling internally that its never going to happen, the cloud is back and it feels like starting again.  You resolve to release and work harder, vibrate up and choose another desire anchor to aim and work you ass of to land on.  Striking the final destination of getting it, making it, not needing to prove! 

Why Celebrate… Celebrate Me?!

This definition of Celebrate is as follows; 

With complete alkaline deference, sitting in the seat of the sun I accept with proclivity to be of service to the betterment of myself, and therefore overflow and gleefully share with others the celebration of all selves.  I am ground zero for this shift in my self, my home, my work, my community, my city, my state, my country and globally.  All expression internal and external is of this.  Safe Passage.

If in all actions this is your mantra, at every turn, every event this was your first response, what actions would follow.  How would you feel and where would you arrive? Would you perhaps be investing in self and living in a cohesive joy?  Are you willing to look at it all differently.  Are you willing to feel differently?  Are you willing to be another you?

dog eyes

 I hope you are.  I hope we all are.  I hope we all get to the point that allows us to choose the better version, the version where we make the changes we know are in our best interests, the version where we get up and act actively!  I hope that action for the best of every possible outcome is where our willingness and decisions are dogged.  Where we are in action with cognisance, this is where we are all peaceful.  Where we each celebrate our me.

Ruby Brown 888






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