The Culture of Community in Business.


I don’t hate to say it, I hate to see it.  When people within a business community are feed upon by others with the rule of judgement, fear and the perception of no value.  The lack of honesty, follow through and denigration is a large distraction from what we are all there to do.  

The idea that return on investment, is to come from everyone but those who claim authority with no substance other than a network that denies its desire to participate is at best vapid and in many accounts immature.  When claiming creative and inclusive as a calling card, best recognise that Peeps will be expecting it.  To add insult to injury, the no follow through and inactive listening is not only a downer, it also kills your business.  

When and where to draw the line is different for everyone, however the general rule is this, if your looking to grow, sustain and add new clients to your business, rest assured that the environment you and your team create will determine outcomes.  Being decent at PR is not the only trick you will need up your sleeve, and leaves you in the position of pony.  To be clear, plain and boring, one face of charm and one of vinegar are not hidden, people talk, they share and they know when its bull.  

You can call it a weird healing phenomena, or a crazy hunch or dismiss it all together, yet the community that is cohesive, has flexible culture and learns from mistakes and successes calls in honest and accurate perspectives, it earns respect, repeat clients and money.  No matter the industry, this applies, even in todays market, especially in todays market.  

We are in an awakening era, with often public consequence, where privilege will not save your enterprise and the allure of it can be distasteful to your client base.  Even if they are wanting success they will want it to last, to change their lives, to feed their family, to leave a legacy and sycophantic lust does not get you there.  

My bet would be to get comfortable with the understanding that reputation counts and once its out of the gate, there can be points of no safe return.  Bitching, hazing and putting others in jeopardy by making them your pseudonym does not build integrity, and you will need it.  No business survives without it, not long enough to leave a legacy of magnitude and worth beyond the shadows you wish to outrun.  Having a beautiful concept and money to invest in it is just the initial steps, the long game is so much more. So in parting I say this, when your serious and humbled to the point of receiving, call me and make your booking.

Ruby Brown 888


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