Celebrate Me?

  Is there a room in your soul that kicks in with the acidic and cynical?  Is there a default position of pain? hate? sheer terror? Does it seep in even when your working your ass of to walk, run and jump away from more of the same that is not satisfying, has you achieving … Continue reading Celebrate Me?

Optimum Running.

No matter your enterprise or industry, if you are not running at an optimum, neither are your endeavours.  When calling in the right partners for trade, clients or repeat business, your demeanour and temperance are vital for the long game.  Let Ruby help you with it. Being composed means more success for business and in … Continue reading Optimum Running.

You Are The Prize!

Eye on the prize Peeps.  Keep thinking about how you used to have much more energy? About not craving snacks that are not good for you?  About feeling focused at will? If it's been a while since you were able to feel these things, consider a Recompose Healing.  These treats can support circulation, vitality and … Continue reading You Are The Prize!

Healing Is a Non-Gender Event.

Dog... Its for Dudes to 😉 Throughout her career Ruby has worked with Women, Kids and Men.  The Recompose Healing is suitable for everyone.  The beauty of healing is that it is adaptable.  We are all learning, coping and trying to keep up.  Support your body and spirit by giving yourself a half hour or … Continue reading Healing Is a Non-Gender Event.

In Search Of Safe Exit.

In the last little while, there have been several Clients, who have been in need of a safe exit.  Over the course of my career, I have had many Clients who asked about relationships, family life, danger and how to exit.  Recently there have been some Clients looking to find safety,  escape violence, build a … Continue reading In Search Of Safe Exit.

Have You Better :)

Having You better is a great way to walk into the next stage of this year.  The year of the Rooster, is a calling to being grounded and present to address details and to hear the messages that come in the quiet with the sun coming up.  Want to feel more present? Want to be … Continue reading Have You Better 🙂

The Culture of Community in Business.

I don't hate to say it, I hate to see it.  When people within a business community are feed upon by others with the rule of judgement, fear and the perception of no value.  The lack of honesty, follow through and denigration is a large distraction from what we are all there to do.   … Continue reading The Culture of Community in Business.