Feeling Great in Your Body

 iwd 2 feeling rb888.jpg

Want to feel more comfortable in your body?  Would you like to feel lighthearted?  Are you willing to give your self 40 minutes of care and healing to have more of both of the above?

On March 31 / 2017, Ruby Brown 888 has a day of healing appointments, to book yours use this link…Recompose Healing with Ruby Brown 888 .

Here is a little of what one Client had to say about their Recompose Healing…

‘I had a wonderful session with Ruby Brown this Friday that has just passed. I knew the instant I met her that I was safe and could trust her, she really helped to bring out the nega-vibes toxins that had been stuck in my body, incredible crystal healing and someone who can balance the deep and the serious with fun and laughter which for this experience really made an impact and I think that is really important.After the session I felt no fear, no hurt, ready to be in the world again, to really be alive and to just love as the armour of force I know I can. I feel at home again. Ruby is amazing beyond incredible! …I literally could go on and on, I am just hugely inspired by this woman, I see her as a inspirational figure in my life, and if you need to get your energy right/people/places/spaces Make sure you message Ruby!!!’  – Liana.  February 2017.

Make your booking here – Recompose Healing with Ruby Brown .

Ruby Brown 888




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