Its a Frame Up…


There are a few pieces that I have made time to frame up over the last week.  Works on canvas, photography paper and all mixed media.  I always how framing a work has the impact of ‘finishing’ the story.  Suddenly it’s easy for the viewer to focus just on the story unfolding, rather than having to chase and search for it.  After placing a few around I wanted to share, to inspire having an abundance of art in your everyday.  

My love affair with art, is throughout my home.  It brings me comfort, company and joy in memories, texture and vision for the future.  Not all pieces are abstract, but that is what I’ve chosen for today.  Here are some tips for hanging and placing your art at home.

  1. Only choose pieces that resonate with you.
  2. Have a second with you as another pair of eyes for straight lines and measurements.  It also helps if you are on the ladder and drop something 😉
  3. Be picky with pieces in the bathroom, steam is like water and can get in anywhere and ruin a piece on any medium.
  4. Consider what feeling you would like the room to have.  For example is it a kids room, or an office.
  5. Not all frames need to be the same, however I do when buying pre made, and they are not always in the same room when placed/hung.
  6. Pick frame colour and material to work with making the art be the centre of attention.  It is a support for the story, not the main attraction.
  7. Also consider simple frames as a compliment, often when the art is in the frame it will look busier than just with the plain backing paper inside.
  8. If you are restricted by budget, look for good proportions in flourishes in frame design.  Keeping colours neutral and also high gloss can leave it looking more luxurious.  
  9. When moving, wrap, store and then move.  Throwing frames around can cause breakage and damage the art.  It you love it look after it.  I totally enjoy memories of homes, in different locations, with the same art.  They have become part of my story.
  10. Matt board is another great tip for having an art work look finished and luxurious.  If your frame comes with, use it or if your ordering custom, consider the colour to work with the frame and the art.  Remember support, not the main story.


Ruby Brown 888

Art @ Ruby Brown 888

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