House Blends

PhotoFonty_Tue Oct 13 17:06:40 2015.png

I am delighted to share that our shop is ‘ALIVE!’

For many moons, recipes and ingredients have been researched, sourced and magically prepared for our house blends, from many years experience with Clients and listening to their feedback and enjoyment of results.  

To date we have 4 house blends; 4D Gold, Frank & Jo, Jetlag and 528 Miracle… my favourite. As well as the lovely Royal Tonic, Clairvoyant Consultations, Recompose Healing Special a great value offer and some other goodies including art prints of original works that bring activation and atmosphere to all spaces, with much more to come.  Looking forward we will be adding documentaries and movies based on the ethos of healing, for health and prosperity.  

As we grow and add to our collective of beautiful items in the shop, we look to add to your world with healing, care and joy.  Working with Wolf Magical Essence, our products are available only through Ruby Brown 888, we aim to keep this, adding to communities through employment, sustainable practices and a deep respect for nature and the hand made products that give life and nourish our souls to restorative ends.

Please use the link below to visit our store and have a look, remember to book mark the shop for your return visits to see what’s new.

Welcome to our store, we are so happy to invite you in…



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