Feng Shui 101 For Your Bedroom


Saving the sanctuary for last, lets take a look at Feng Shui for the bedroom.  This is your time out space, much like the bathroom, but here we take the approach of restoration over release.  Here is where dreams are made for us to bring them to life in the morning sun.

Primarily, we want this space to speak to us, intimately.  If you share your space, then work towards the mid line in terms of style, colour and taste.  Often for example the colour component can come to play with accessories when a neutral or agreed base colour is chosen.  Remember have a brief or vision board before starting to revamp or decorate, this way you have a chance to come to measure twice, cut once.

Here are my top 10 tips for Bedroom Feng Shui.

  1. Let’s start with some don’ts; no mirrors, no door ways at the end of the bed so your feet line up with out the door, no overhead beams.  If this is unavoidable, paint them to match the ceiling colour, white with white etc.  Place rubbish bins at the door, to avoid unhealthy clutter.bed-under-beam
  2. Minimise electronics, this is the space where we disconnect with the outside world and reconnect and restore with the inner light, guidance, and softness to heal the body and rest.  Switching off is of particular importance, switching off power points especially next to the bed head.  Ending the day and having your unwind in candle light does wonders for the soul and being receptive to sleep and peaceful rest.
  3. Darker colours work in this room.  They bring in the concept of space as in the stars, adds to seclusion, transition for receptive rest and dims the room, even when morning light comes.  This can be bed sheets of navy and black or chocolate.  Throw blankets and pillows, rugs in natural fibres are also a treat for the feet and better for air quality therefore aiding sleep.  
  4. Art works add atmosphere and intimacy to this space, creating a beauty, sensuality and a day dreaming quality to your sanctuary.  
  5. As a still spot, bedrooms are not for water features and constant noise.  Keep it cool in the noise levels, if you are near traffic try a nature based noise and or light for yourself or kids.  These can be battery run, on rechargeable batteries or place at minimum two metres or more from the bed.


  6. Full cover for windows, especially when working nights and sleeping through day time.  Have at least one or two windows ajar when air con is on, for air quality.  
  7. Create symmetry on either side of the bed with table and lamps or candle height.  There should be balance.
  8. A solid bed head is good practise and adds to supported rest.
  9. It’s good to find your own take on texture, soft lighting and creating a feeling of safety.  Keeping it vintage can also be a great way to use pieces that can’t be worn or are out of date.  This is your sanctuary, feel joy in being creative and peaceful.
  10.  Work on laying the room out so the bed is not into a corner, adding to supportive Feng Shui when sleeping.  If you want crystals in this sanctuary restorative stones include, amethyst, rose quartz, danburite, orange calcite and jade.  Have your humidifier and favourite essential oils near by, lavender, chamomile, lemon tea tree, eucalyptus or neroli are beneficial and relaxing and supportive of deep breathing.

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