Feng Shui 101 for the Bathroom.


Let’s try to find our moment of zen… the Bath room.

Our place to unwind, to manicure for looking windswept and interesting, or to tune out the world.  In terms of Feng Shui, having a space that is natural and with natural light is of benefit, however this is also the space that requires you to contemplate release.  The letting go of and the reconnect to the unfiltered self, a space to pamper, cleanse and often heal.  Let’s take a look at my top 10 tips for the bath room.

  1. Make it your own, as in have in here the types of things you want in terms of luxury, be it bubble bath, colour, your thread count on the towels, the most expensive toothpaste, to your home made shampoo.  This is where you look at your body, listen to it and take steps to care for it.  If there are things you like have them here for when you wish to let go and indulge.
  2. Try to keep the synthetic and chemical to a minimum.  As heat can add to the accumulation power of chemicals and your body is at its most exposed here, it is worth being mindful.  Storage of cleaning products is not good in this space as well.  There are plenty of alternatives for cleaning that are also safe for the kids to pitch in… baking soda, castille soap, lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus oils, sea salt.
  3.  Organise with what you need at hand.  This applies to small and practical details.  We are not talking bulk buy dry storage.  More matches, for candles, a few towels and face cloths, a bin with a lid, a stand mirror with a magnified side, great for men and women.  It also includes, stool and step placement for when children are in the house, non slip mats or stickers for older members, faucet protection or temp gauges depending on child ages and needs.  If you don’t want these on display, choose a draw and toss items in.  Resin is also an alternative to glass when kids are in your home and looks prettier than plastic.
  4.  Good Feng Shui also addresses what is not working, for example get leaks fixed, take out the rubbish regularly and air the room to allow drying of bath mats and wet towels and clothing left so as not to grow mould or have it in the room to breath in when heat is on.  This also includes updating old and unsafe appliances, tooth brushes, hair brushes, make up applicators, head bands and shower caps.  Keep it fresh.  Especially clean the filters for air vents and fans.  Tea tree oil and eucalyptus are very beneficial here if you are doing this yourself and it is possible to find handy men who will use your cleaning products, good if there are allergies in the home also. Having a cut onion is also a great tip for keeping bacteria at a minimum, so is having the lid down all the time.  When flushing the toilet, the swirl of water can send a splash any where up to 6 feet from the toilet itself, now picture where your toothbrush is 🙂
  5. Keeping the mirror clear is also relevant as it literally is how we see our selves, keep that image positive [clean and clear].
  6. Plants are good for air quality, and many will like the exact conditions of the bathroom.  
  7. Choosing building materials that are in sync with the building and your theme are going to go a long way for comfort and relaxation, in your zen space.  Go with your personal style here, keep it easy on the eye, be practical and include some beauty and grace.  This can be simple to do even if your in a rental.  Have towels and mats in the same colour tone, have a cute shower curtain, use decals [they are removal without damage], don’t over clutter, be eclectic but not cluttered.
  8. Soak or shower with the lights off, especially around full moons, or when you are particularly world weary.  Leave a light on in another room, have the door open if the kids are in bed and you need to have an ear out, use candles only if you know you won’t snooze.  Toss in a hand full of sea salt, and unfurl.  Be sure to drink room temperature water when out, cool off before lying down  and try to have all devices off, then settle to sleep.
  9. Keep it closed for the bath and toilet when air con is on.  Having windows open for proper ventilation is key for harmony and health.
  10. If you don’t like it change it.  This primarily is a space to release, this is best when as peaceful as possible.  Be creative before spending a fortune for a complete remodel. Have a key piece that is your inspiration, do a vision board of items you like or a theme that appeals.  Be pragmatic.  How you treat the space is how it treats you.  Have fun!  Here is some inspiration for you 😉

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