Beat It Binaural.


Did you hear that? 

There are times when I want to be focused for an hour of power, putting together contracts, audits for sites, trying to block out the kids getting home from school or just the conversation from the next desk or office, these beats might just help you out.

As a side note it can also be of great benefit when trying to balance the brain.  This applies for example especially when you are crunched for time, feeling disassociated, tired, unfocused or unable to keep order including chronologically.  Great for centring, meditation when you feel not good at it, for those who like alert meditation with the eyes open and for observance meditation.  If you are fearful of taking a deeper journey into your self and desire to let go of negative build up in mind, body and spirit.  

I have listed some links below for you to take a listen, try it where you find it the most pressing or tight to focus and see how you can relax, breath deeply and gain focus from the beats.  Remember to bookmark the ones you like.  Namaste Ruby.

Let of Fear, Over Thinking and Worries.

Lucid Dreaming an 8 Hour Track.

Third Eye Opening.

Creativity and Focus

Spa Music and Beats for Chakra Healing.














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