Find What U Love &…


I saw this on a tee shirt this week and I had two thoughts simultaneously.

  1. I love that and want to wear it.
  2. That’s harsh.  Kill?  A bit strong?  Or is it?

I could not get the image out of my head and as I wandered along, it occurred to me how true it was.  What a bloody good idea.  Find what you love and let it kill you.  Get obsessed, we are all going to die, why not be doing what you love at that moment.  Brilliant, succinct and simple.  The catch phrase of the world, aside from any Trump meme, of which my fav has been the EO with a picture of the death star.  That aside,  we dawn on really how important it is to love what you do, for so many reasons.

Get obsessed!  When its tied to what you love, it leads to success, satisfaction, diligence and an understanding of integrity, work ethic and how beneficial it is.  As well as the sheer joy of spending time indulging in an endeavour that will have multiple outcomes, the least of which can be self esteem, more emotional intelligence, improved health and perspective, all of which can add to cultural health all over the world.  Yes your little endeavour can add to world peace.  #mindfulness.

Here’s my top 10…

  1. As best you can, narrow it down to what you think it is you want to do.
  2. See where your skills can help.
  3. Pace yourself.
  4. Educate yourself as best you can with what you have access to.
  5. Talk with people.
  6. Exercise, consistently and I do not mean for an hour and half, I mean each day even if only for a walk around the block.  Be consistent.  Eat.
  7. Minimise pressure.
  8. Get creative and be resourceful.
  9. Remember challenges are opportunities.
  10. Give yourself permission for a healthy obsession 🙂

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