Feng Shui 101 For Your Kitchen.


When we include the kitchen it worth considering the concepts of gathering, nourishment and release.  This space is for all of these, even if its just you as a single, gathering can be composure, nourishment of the body, while release is how we let go of and process as we often do when cooking, talking at the table or just by unwinding as we look out the window rinsing the dishes.  So as we address the Feng Shui, we consider how to cultivate a space that engages these aspects for us.  In terms of the office or business work space all of the tips apply and I would also suggest keeping in mind that water represents work and money in some aspects of Feng Shui for example with leaking taps, it aligns with money leaking out of the business.  Food for thought!

Let’s get into the top 10…

  1. Natural light is your friend in Feng Shui terms for the kitchen.  Keep in mind it supports a get up and at ’em attitude for walking into your day.  Positioning the kitchen when building or renovating, look to the North East and East, to catch the morning sun.  natural light.jpg
  2. Keep the pipes clean, this can mean gargling and singing in the kitchen to raise your vibration, as well as literally with regularly getting pipe integrity checked, cleaning the drains and into the pipes of the sinks and dishwasher, replacing washers for leaky taps etc.  Salt into the drains and used coffee beans can be a natural alternative to keep gunk and back ups to a minimum.  Remember lemon juice and oil here also.  It is also important to remember the tools you use but don’t always see, clean exhaust filters, replace non working bulbs and turn off appliances at the wall when not in use.
  3. Have it functional.  This translates to appliance storage and counter top placement, cushions on chairs for proper support for the body and comfort to restore when eating, bin and recycling placement, storage organisation, pet bowls, kids stations, plants, air quality.  Symmetry is also a benefit, having balance in a space will help to keep it calm, easy on the eye and welcoming.



  4. If you know your best direction, then have the stove facing this way, the door should open to this direction, like a mouth.  Use all burners on the stove top, this encourages finances for all occupants coming into the home.  Keep the stove top and benches clean and crumb free.
  5. Grow herbs and healing plants in this room, applying the factor of nourishment.  For example, Aloe, Ginger, Garlic, Thyme, Coriander, Mint, Dill [good for nursing Mums] and flowering edibles like Geranium for a touch of colour and vitality.  
  6. Be space aware. Keep clutter to a minimum, remove old news papers and magazines at the end of the week, or as you clean up from brunch.  Where possible be creative, stools for chairs in smaller kitchens, chalk boards on the back of doors for messages, reminders and last minute checks for kids as they leave or for bag packing.
  7. Make it yours, now this seems obvious, but I would ask you to think about it… What colours do you like, not what seems appropriate traditionally.  What speaks comfort to you, for me a chaise in the kitchen does this… positive child hood memories.  Also consider switching out cupboards for function over form.  As an example, you may place your cooking tools and dinner sets in the pantry and make the cupboards around the stove your pantry, so they are within reach as you are cooking.  

  8. Address the flow of the space, think when cooking where do I stand, and where is food stored, pots and pans stored, as well as bins.  As in are you walking needlessly around the room, instead of arms reach.  Can you just drop scraps in the bin or are you walking across the room.  This can be important for those recovering form illness, having kids learning to cook and clean in the kitchen, and if you have pets who like to follow your every step.  Safety Peeps.
  9. The kitchen is also an out for energy in the home.  Do you feel drained or never want to cook or eat properly when home?  You may consider a Feng Shui audit, this can alleviate discomforts and unnecessary drains.  To do’s until the repair man comes… for leaky taps, place a plant under so they are watered; for messy pets add a pet pillow to create a set space for pets to be in the room and not under foot, also consider raised food bowls or tucked away under benches or into specific cupboards; don’t make the stove visible from the front door and have your exhaust fan vented to the outside of the home, not into the ceiling or cupboard cavity.

Overall the kitchen should welcome relaxed conversation, absorption of ideas, information and company, a table is good for support of the body and also promotes conversation.  Have a clock to be aware of timeliness and to keep food from burning.  Clean your windows to be able to look upon the world positively.  Keep blue’s to an accent, it reduces your appetite and you need to be hungry to eat and also maintain or lose weight.  Green can be soothing and encourage seasonal eating, especially good if your recovering form illness and fatigue.  If your space is small minimalism is your friend. Use blinds, don’t go blind if your kitchen gets full morning sun.  Keep it fun, from statement light fittings to playful kids stations or funky salt and pepper shakers, want to be here.

For more information and to book a walk through or full Feng Shui audit or to discuss auspicious dates for building and renovations, please visit rubybrown888.com








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