Feng Shui 101 For Your Living Room


For our lounge rooms there are several things to keep in mind from a Feng Shui point of view.  It is worth noting that in regards to budget prioritising your spending, again is a great idea, there can be DIY efforts for example with candle holders creating a lux look for a few dollars, where as spending on the couch itself is a good investment.  Art of course in my mind is always to be considered an investment as well, however there is no reason to be uptight or to go looking for a Whitely to fit the bill.  Instead why not make use of all those school art works from the kids, you can create a great mural if you have pieces from several ages, and it becomes a snap shot of artistic taste and development, that also keeps them close as they grow more independent.  While I have included some luxury pics as examples, remind yourself that if you see a piece you respond to and catch yourself saying you can’t afford it and ask how can I afford this.  Imagine this piece in your space, how would you feel sitting in it at the end of the day, tired, putting your feet up and sipping your fav drink.

Ok so here we go, my top 10 tips for Feng Shui in the lounge.

  1.  Keep in mind where the family is at… do you have kids under 5, 10 or are they teenagers?  Do you need to baby proof?  Do people come and stay?  Will you need a fold out?  Is storage an issue?  Really in what house is it not… but do you need to be creative?  If you don’t have kids, will your visitors?
  2. The old saying of measure twice, cut once applies here also, think sewing, recovering older frames to give an updated look to pieces you like and already own.  If the bones are good why not keep it and then modernise your fabric type and colour.  Remember this can also apply to lamps, height, base diameter and shade width.
  3. Have a place to put your feet up, a coffee table, an ottoman or a long enough couch. Even the right type of couch if you like to put your feet up the wall 😉  
  4. Create symmetry, with your furniture and its relation to the room.  Place your couch not necessarily up against the wall, but with a wall behind it, a screen or high back to the couch, think support head to toe.    14847165973272
  5.  Consider your main colour scheme before you are half way into doing the room.  If you have a particular inspiration piece, have a picture of it on your phone for shopping expeditions, or with you in the room when you are discussing or planning your colours and textiles.
  6. Base the set up on what you actually do in the living room, try not to have the TV dominate the room, after you go to the effort of creating an engaging and relaxing space you may not want the only focal point to be the TV.  


  7. Let everyone be comfortable, including the pets, in my house we have a blanket on the floor that Puppy likes and uses to sleep on.  He likes to heard his toys here as well.  We also have fabrics that are washable, great for kids and pets alike.  
  8. Use the light. Its good for your mental and emotional health, it can support you getting up and into the day, allows plants to stay healthy.  It can highlight a statement piece.use-the-light
  9.  Include statement and gender biased pieces.  For example, even a women’s space with pink can pop with the right masculine piece, adding weight and stability to a room.  a-masculine-touch
  10. Last tips for setting the scene, keep it tidy, include fresh flowers and plants, think outside the norm, consider creative storage, cultivate comfort at hand.  Have the space of luxury for you to restore your soul away from the world.  A sanctuary.


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