Success Rolling Into The New Year



If you have been to a consultation or, are looking to come, here are a couple of highlights from last year, that will be of interest.  Looking forward this year to working with more people and being of service in support of you reaching your goals.  

#1.  Found The Right Space.  

The best working space for any business is an essential detail to keeping morale and dollars flowing. It also supports Customer satisfaction, return and referrals. This Client was trying to locate a small office space enough for themselves and several onsite team members, they are in logistics and tech with overseas interests both with supply chains and Customers. While looking at several locations and discerning the benefits and accessibility personally and for work commitments, 3 main sites stepped forward as the main runners.

Discussions included, furniture and teams placement for example, best position for the sales team; colour schemes; growth planning and Feng Shui support for business profits. Location traffic and negotiations as well as on going communications/relations with building owners. Key negotiation points to address and range for mediation, personality points for key players, and length of contract, with potential strategic dates and renewal options.

Negotiations concluded smoothly, with negotiation being successful and tenancy beginning with a smooth transition from old space to new. Sales are increasing and communication issues have risen to the forefront for streamlining and improved management leading to improved percentages and better systems being implemented.

#2.  Adding $55 000 to Annual Income.

This Client, was looking to re-inspire themselves in their career. Within an organisation working in a business model that was in decline, integrity issues and a lack of direct leadership. Throughout a twelve month period, development and coaching on a weekly contact added to continued strategy for issues around morale, compliance of other organisational heads, managing and growing portfolio, navigation of political environments and keeping an eye on the prize, while maintaining professional composure, KPI’s, networking, opportunity assessment and keeping reputation in tact.

Throughout the year professional feedback came in the form of inner organisation statistics, with this Client being the number 1 performer in the state and number 3 nationally. As well as recognition of state and national executives; assessment and advancement through the industry landscape. This new position had the beauty of building on current skill sets, leadership opportunities, working in an area of interest to develop, growth and creation of new models within the organisation, improved personal awareness, navigation of selection and interview process and selection panel, as well as negotiation strategies for package offers. Final package totals an annual income increase of $55 000.

#3.  Home Auction $80 000 Over Reserve.

A private home with 18 months of erratic tenants and rent in arrears, the owners of this investment property were overstressed and burnt out with interstate management. Over the course of a year and a half, seasonal Fung Shui remedies were implemented and updated as the property became more stable and set an energy foundation of consistency, growing finance and stress relief. As this process became more successful, an opportunity opened for the owners to stabilise financially and be in the position to be able to put the house on the market.

Up for auction, the property was styled and staged with Feng Shui concepts to present for open house viewings over 4 weeks, Christmas 2016, with the last two open houses on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. At the time of auction, the house has sold under the hammer for $80 000 over the reserve. Owners are very happy as it was not determined by realtors to be over the last sale value, with updating remodelling required to sell.

To recap remedies for the house over 18 months, on the market for 4 weeks and a sale under the hammer, in a buyers market, creating a bidding frenzy that netted the owners $80 000 over reserve.

Last year we supported a lot of Clients to land where they were aiming.  A great result for our home owners, those gaining their promotions and settling into new digs, plus many more.  Looking forward to much more in 2017.  Be sure to give us a call or drop us an email to discuss how we can support your endeavours.  Namaste Ruby.

Please remember to have a look at the Annual Forecast and share with those you know would love to read.  Thanks 🙂

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