Feng Shui 101 For Your Entrance


Having the Feng Shui of your building in good stead adds to the health and prosperity of the people who visit, live and work there.  Having health, your first wealth, supported in your home and office, adds to the culture, connectedness and morale of everyone in the space, this can be infectious and inviting for friends and clients alike.  Addressing the prosperity and financial energies in home and work are obviously beneficial for longevity of the business and for bill paying, however when supported the Feng Shui can help you look at and address financial challenges and set yourself to a course that leads to stability and improved finances.   This can include improving your income for holidays, less debt, work promotions that have larger salaries and even just pooling savings.

When we look at our entrance, consider how you feel when you walk in.  Do you feel grumpy and are you mentally bitching?  Or do step light footed through the door, with a smile?  How would you like your guests to feel when they enter?  We want over all for our entrance to be welcoming, saying hello and please come in.  Natural light is a lovely addition to our entrance and foyer, keeping it tidy is also important as is sweeping the path to the door.  Here are my top 10 tips for having a welcoming entrance to your home or office.

  1. Keep it clean and tidy, this means dusting, sweeping the path, maybe a new and fresh mat to wipe dirt off and clean windows.  Keep it clutter free.
  2. Hygiene can be key, taking the rubbish out, sweeping or vacuuming, no old vases with manky water and a box of tissues easily accessible for visitors and open windows for air quality.  Not storing cleaning products here is also good for hygiene and comfort.
  3. Colour, a good addition for having vibrancy in your entrance, this can be a lick of paint in a welcoming hue, fresh flowers, cushions on chairs in reception, that compliment your decor.  Be sure to trim flowers as they wilt and remove when fully wilted.
  4. Natural light is good for keeping equilibrium and good communication, open blinds and curtains, allow yourself and visitors to have a view to outside, especially if the view is pretty or the garden lush.
  5. Music can apply depending on your business space as can spiritual symbols for example I have a brass om symbol about a foot in height and it hangs just inside the front entrance.  When looking to play some music good sounds can include piano music, instrumental and acoustic pieces or nature sounds if you want if for a business foyer, it can add to the space without dominating or distracting staff.  Art works and sculptures can be a great statement piece especially when you find a piece that fits your occupation or represents your personal style.
  6. Have more function than form, if you have chairs they should be comfortable, with good support for a number of seated positions, the space around a coffee table should allow easy walking, with rugs being flat for no tripping.  If you have a reception desk, try not to have that high that it looks like a wall, privacy for working but not off putting for people wanting to approach.
  7. Televisions are not always recommended, mirrors facing the door are not recommended and narrow walk ways or isles through furniture are not recommended.  Work toward keeping it open and spacious.
  8. Add lights, lamps are great for being able to see without blasting you like a ceiling light and great if your in a rental.  Use the outdoor light at night  and on overcast days.  
  9. Have working locks, on windows and doors, replace any rusty items, include in the yard here also.  Remove any pollutive build up on the front door also, wash regularly like you do the windows and keep screens in good order.

  10. Have it luxurious with out crass and over whelming the space.  It does not have to cost a million to look like a million.  Be practical with your budget and get the best you can afford, keeping in mind on less important points like a welcome mat, you may save some dollars and that can go towards the really luxurious wool rug or high end cushions and couch you want.  For a business you may want to prioritise a high end piece of art and coffee table as investment pieces, for a less expensive lamp.  Keep your priorities balanced in regard to budget and luxury.

Overall, have your space work or home as a warm host welcoming you, your dreams and beautiful guests into the space.  Namaste Ruby.











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